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  • sorry that this is just prolonging how long its been since we actually sat down and RP'd for a while.
    ironically I was also at a play. lol.

    Either way though my internet is out so I can't talk while I'm home. (I'm at my mom's work right now).

    the internet is gonna be out til wednesday. Sorry baby. :kiss:

    I love you. the next three days are gonna suck....
    urgh. my parents. i have to wait til midnight to get good internet for my hobby (competitive league of legends), but then they get pissed when i get too loud. If they'd just listen to me during the day and give me two hours of no phones or internet i wouldn't have to stay up all night.
    ya know i think its a sugar crash.i was up way early today and have been goin on mountain dew the entire time.
    Ya know its funny. When your not around I have tons of games i could play, the entire internet at my fingertips, and a whole mess of other things to do and yet when I feel bored I look through them and think "But I played that today, and I want something else right now.". Then I sit there looking at my desktop, and I think thats when I enjoy myself some of the most, because I see you.

    I told ya I could be poetic.

    happy valentines day even if I'm two days late on thinking up something clever enough for you.
    and home late at that. of course i wait around all day, and then when i leave you get on :p oh well. I love you.
    So I have to admit something. Jericho hasn't turned out the way I wanted him to originall. I'm so happy with where he is, but I think I'm gonna have to change either Orion or Seph into the character he was meant to be. The thing is I like Orion. He is one hundred percent set as the "No nonsense get the job done, and I will KILL." person. we need him. (Jason is more of the high philosphy of war person).

    Seph can calm down when he's older, but Jericho was originally written to be way ADHD with a whole super armory (which I tried to put in) and just be crazy all over the place I cab do anything and no one can stop me WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! kind of person. SO yeah sorry but Seph is gonna be changing into that. He also will have that one nasty streak in him that he loves mischif, and quite frankly would be able to hide as a weasly twin.
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