• ME faces off against the Champion of Sinnoh. Watch here as his Sinnoh Pokemon League Challenge comes to a close.
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  • Dang, think I missed you :( Had an appointment after work and didn't get in the door until close to 9pm my time. Would you be available at some point during a weekend?
    Finally got in the room. Sorry that it took so long. Had to update the Wi-Fi Connection so my Soul Silver FC was changed.
    Here's the new one: 4427-6203-8102
    My stupid DS won't connect to wifi so I'm having to fix it. I'll let you know when it's done. Could be really soon but it's being a pain.
    Thanks! Almost done with the DW session. I actually got sent to the manor twice '_' but I did get send to the sky twice too.
    Downside is that I ran into no Chatot, and my only girl is the vastly inferior Frisk Yanma. Boo.

    So I get to take the male Ice Shard Delibird back. Whoop.
    Also, the way to get more points to open areas is to befriend all of the pokemon you find while going through the Dream Isle even if you have no plans to bring them back.
    If you befriend other users, you'll get points too. It takes forever though.
    I hate the manor. REALLY hate the manor. A lot of the pokemon have NO DW abilities or have really terrible ones outside of Abra, Mr. Mime and Spiritomb.
    I don't the the forest as much because I've been gunning for a DW female Ponyta, Natu and Exeggcute for a while. With no luck...for 3 months. '_'
    Funny. I had actually just started a DW session to see if I could get one for you.
    Knowing my luck I'll probably get sent to the manor 5 times anyway.

    If I can find one, it's yours.
    5th gen actually requires Chatot for RNGing? Odd. Outside of that, is it easier to do than in 4th gen?
    Give me around 30 min to an hour and I'll be ready to go.

    As for Chatot, I don't have one right now but I may be able to get one off of my brother's game. I'll let you know. Would it need to be a certain gender?
    I totally agreed.

    "Oh my god so many stairs.
    I'd like to find whoever invented the stairs, and push him down these stairs, just to show him how stupid stairs are.
    Then his legs will be broken and he will no longer be able to climb the stairs anymore.
    It will be ironic, and then his wife will leave him to be with the man who invented the elevator, because everyone knows that elevators are much sexier than stairs, and oh my god I’m not even close to being to the top yet.
    Why are there so many stairs?!"
    1. Someone kidnapped him again, like always...
    2. You believe that stupid robot?!?
    3. Go ask the one with hair like a Kuriboh.
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