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  • Urgh yes he did tell me.

    "How could you do this, I have no idea why you would want to do this to a fellow human being, also do you realise the effect your actions have on others, I am now blocked from commenting on his blog because he believes I am a sockpuppet of you."

    You can see it was deleted under
    This message was deleted by Guardian, Reason:Useless complaining, should mind his own business.
    Course how would you know hes blocked from posting on my profile? He didnt tell you, it was never mentioned.
    What you are doing is wrong. If he doesn't want people to know his name or school, then you shouldn't tell them.
    Go away. I'm not doing anything wrong, I found out that information from his email address, he gave it out.

    Look how insane he is

    1. he blames his brother for me finding out, his brother wasn't involved at all.
    2. he calls you a sockpuppet because you did what exactly?
    I think you should quit what you are doing right now. You are causing trouble, and trying to irritate someone by using their name in a public place on the internet. This is a deplorable way to behave and you should stop now. It isn't a nice thing to do, how would you feel if he was doing it to you?
    I did not give out my name or school, you were told that/took that info, and now your using it everywhere. Thats trolling.
    i think your best bet is to cut your losses and leave me alone as you are being extremely irritating.
    didnt you think maybe i wasnt at my computer or something? if i dont respond that doesnt give you permission to spam may page with a million messages.
    LOL. You amuse me. Call me whatever you want, as long as tony use my real name
    Good job. I think I can officially say that you have not changed at all from last year. It only took you 2.5 months to mess it up.
    w/e you want to believe.

    You really think I would be stupid enough to email you from my named Email? fool.
    No, no no. He's intelligent
    Youve crossed far to many lines.
    enjoy it.

    Now I have no ambition to talk to you again. PLease, leave me alone
    a) I said most not all so dont twist words, plus Canadia is part of North America its a continent you silly boy.
    b) fair point, i'll let you have that one
    c) I never called Poli an ass
    d) I asked Poli why he was ACTLING LIKE a dictator, I didnt say he was one,

    1)North America does not make the people in Mexico call themselves American, nor does canada being on that continent
    3)Its on the lake trio page
    4)Saying they are acting like one is the same. Dont be foolish.

    All the comments on my profile page you left.

    Now please, go away. I have no ambition to talk to you anymore
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