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  • I was online on the time we were supposed to meet.
    And I was online yesterday too.
    If I don't catch you by today I can say the trade is canceled :(
    Sorry but the time zones bring a lot of trouble
    Gyaaaah. Had to eat dinner. Sorry I didn't catch you. I'll be online for the next 2-3 hours if you're here!
    And trade sounds good :)
    Hi GH!
    Please message me if you're online and free.
    Thank you :)

    Slowpoke, Mantine and Phanpy + Evolution Tradebacks
    -> Venusaur, Bastiodon + EV Training Item

    So that would be Kanga, Hitmontop, Shiny Budew, and 3 Sinnohs? Alrighty, I'll be in the room in a few minutes!

    EDIT: I must've just missed you. Sorry about that. I'll be on all night tonight, and most of the day tomorrow. Lemme know!
    Oooooh! If you've got a Power Bracer and a Power Lens that'd be awesome GH, otherwise, I'm okay for Pokemon for now! Can't trade tonight, would be happy to do so on Tuesday or tomorrow evening.

    Thanks GH!
    Hey, are you available to trade today? I've got your Kangaskhan, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Larvitar, and shiny Budew ready. Lemme know when you're available and if you want nicknames!
    I can totally help you out! I've had a pretty crazy day, but I'll be on for the rest of the evening and probably most of tomorrow. My FC is in my signature. Oh, and did you want that shiny budew or no? And what about nicknames? (well, not the budew. Can't change that one. ^__^)
    I too have SS and i'm filling my dex also...to finish mine all i need is baltoy/claydol sableye and to "see" a few legends...Besides that i can help you with everything else...I can also get you the pre-eveolves of every poke alnog with the starters and whatever else you may need
    I posted in your thread, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post here as well. Do you have any Shaymin left? I can offer you any dex-fillers from any gen you need, including a shiny Budew.
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