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  • If you get 100 Pokemon, then the episode is over. You do need 15 warlords, not just the generic warrior.

    For Yoshimoto, I gave him Scizor.
    I think whoever wrote Bulba just checked Serebii. There is another source online that got it right, but I forgot where. Not like the interface was very user-friendly though. They'll probably get it right soon since Bulba has the correct requirements for the Two Heroes of Ransei.
    I hear "no" but there are passwords on the net to activate the Reshiram event if you need it. You'll still need to meet the requirements of having Ignis and Hideyoshi under your control though.
    Well, you can probably just solo most of the game again if you attack early enough. You only need to beat Nobunaga's army, not unite Ransei. You can also just take advantage of the early-game inaction to plow through to southern Ransei and recruit Warlords that way since they aren't part of Nobunaga's army, and then sweep after that.
    I really like Aurora's too, and its something I rarely here since its usually one of the first regions I conquer and doesn't put up much of a fight.
    Leaving the kingdom to train is actually really good for things like Tadakatsu. I remember trying to train him and Ginchiyo wanted to leave. I realized the person who leaves was the one with the lowest link so I restarted the game, put Tadakatsu in my party with Hideyoshi (his episode) and he went off to train. When he came back, he was ready to evolve.

    You know, I don't understand how my warriors keep picking up random Pokemon. I guess I forget that I put them in regions to "search" for warriors and Pokemon. A bit of a disappointment since now I have a billion Starly.

    You can take over kingdoms in less than a year. I've done it in the 100 Pokemon stories just so I don't have to worry about the opposing armies while I train. I've noticed that depending on the episode, Warlords have different Pokemon. I noticed Keiji had Rhydon in a few of them, so now I'm training for a Rhydon (even though I have his two Perfect Links), and am also just going to stall until Eevees show up. I only need two more to get a full Eeveelution set.
    There seems to be two ways your opponents get powered up, either your armies just get so powerful that the Gabite Officer has to point it out, or you take over a lot of nations in such a short time that the Warlords notice themselves and they each make a speech about how they need to prepare to take you down. The latter happened to me in Hanbei's episode and I was just sitting there going "I don't care, you're all only around because I want you to be"

    Speaking of Hanbei, he decided to leave my army when Hideyoshi (in his episode) personally lost a battle. I didn't save because at the time I was at a really big disadvantage and needed all the warriors I could get (even though I didn't even use Hanbei). At the end of the episode, Hanbei was the one to congratulate me, just like my first playthrough making me wonder what would have happened if he left (Kanbei would have probably taken his place...)

    No's episode...I don't know how that's supposed to be easy. Ghost types suck in this game, only having stuff like Astonish. And then I start off in Terrera and a lot of the things that appear in the field have a normal type, which meant my army could do nothing for the first few turns. I actually managed to take over Chrysalia by attacking my opponents with Pokemari.

    I also learned what those hay fever and cold pills are for. I did not realize my army could get sick. In one play through an illness passed through two kingdoms. Luckily they were all mooks.
    That was one of the first things I noticed. It doesn't help that the female warrior stats also tend to suck. I mean the only one that's good is Okuni, and that's more Volcarona than her since she doesn't have a good ability either.

    I was replaying Hideyoshi's episode to get Reshiram but then Nobunaga and the Gabite officer had to cause trouble. Now I'm just letting Shingen take over nations I've abandoned so he can get stronger and I can beat him.
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