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  • Hi! Thanks. How r u? Sorry I forgot to mention I also like Harry Potter >.< and a few others....that I cant think of right now :)
    Why don't ya join up the SK club? It is at the bottom section of the main forum page. Click on the weird jumbled word box on the words "NON POKEMON anime" and voila! There we are.
    Man I love shaman king's anime series like anything. I can go on forever on it. It so much fun!!! Zeke Asakura is like the best baddie ever (up there with the likes of Darth vader, Megatron and Mewtwo!)
    So you are a Sonic fan as well? Your in luck because before I was into Pokemon, I was a Sonic fan and still am. They used to have a comic book by Archie comics which was superb. Heck they even had sonic and knuckles Roboticized and battle each other. good times (sigh)
    It's really good-just like here you can make friends form social groups and there are also lots more threads eg. discussion of anime, shippings, game discussions...its really fun! (not that u have to get one) Sorry I have to go I might be on tomorrow. See you!
    Oh yh simpsons and friends are really funny! =) I used to watch sonic X loads when I was little but after a while I sorta didnt like it any more but my bro loves it. Have u got an accout on serebii? (sorry Im asking lots of questions)
    Thankyou for answerin my question. :)
    Because you're 21 that means you're 10 years older than me. I think I must be one of the yougenst people on here!

    What programmes/games do you like? (besides pokemon)
    I like...Zelda-windwaker, Dinosaur king, Naruto and sonic. I'm the only girl in my whole year who likes boy things.
    Thanks :)
    Just wondering what country u from?
    I'm more Irish but I live in England.
    Hi! Thanks for welcoming me. Do u wanna be friends? On serebii I spent a few months trying to find anyone from UK as well as me and I just joined this today and already found 2! :)
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