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  • Okay, well wifi trading isn't much different. You have a Pal Pad, which is in your Key Items. From that you get your Friend Code, and that's what other people register in their Pal Pads, so they can trade with you. When you and the other person are ready to trade, go to the Pokemon Center and up to the second floor. There, head to the middle receptionist and enter through there. When the other person arrives, you'll see them in the bottom part of your screen with the name you gave them.

    To invite someone to a trade, head up to the screen and click "A" and choose from the menu. To exit the invite, click "B". Most people prefer you keep the chatting function off, so be sure to click "X" when you enter.

    To accept someone else's invite, just click on their sprite if they're hopping. That means they're inviting you.

    Is there anything else you'd like to know? :)
    lol you actually post here! stay here pls <3
    don't embarrass me by breaking any rules, you hear >:}
    I don't set up times, because I am usually unable to fulfill them.
    I'm on almost every night, however. I am sure we will be able to run into each other :)
    I already have them, but i was just asking in case you wanted eggs. I'll just give you the already hatched ones, lol.
    My in-game name is sialuk.

    You could always trade eggs, lol XD Would you rather eggs? It won't take me long to get them!
    Np ^^
    Thanks for the friend! =D

    Well, that's why you're supposed to pay better attention to the differences in the versions, lol. I actually like the idea of Black City.
    Okay, i can have those by tonight. I believe I'll need to breed them, since i have them already.

    Black City is an area exclusive to Pokemon Black, and White Forest is an area exclusive to Pokemon White.

    Read about it here.
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