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  • Hey quick question, do you want me to move your thread to the main forum? It looks more like a shop to me than a simple offering thread so I figured I'd ask.
    Gotcha. Like I said before I won't be trading for much, but I will be after at least the remaining Party of the Decade events (I've got the list here, don't worry) and one of the Spring Carnival RQ's. Once I've picked I'll see how many events it is and offer that many Gen VI competitive legendaries.
    So a more thorough look at my events would suggest that you have all of them now! I'll double check tomorrow but I don't think I have anything unique on the event side to offer you, or if I do it would only be one or two.

    Do you still want UT competitive (regular) legendaries? I still have a bunch of those and some 4IV event legends (nothing better than that on the event side though, sorry).
    I am fine, also busy as you can tell. Exam season means lots of work (= money) for me, but it also takes a lot of time out of my schedule.

    I thought as much about the Maxsoft codes, thanks. I'll have to trade one of redeemed events you already have then. I will sort something out by this weekend, I promise.
    Hey, how've you been?

    I've been too busy for 'mons recently, but I see you're still going strong. I will trade soon, I promise, I've just got to find some spare time...

    While we're at it, those Maxsoft codes aren't redeemable on PAL games, are they? I doubt it but it's better to ask seeing as they aren't tradeable yet.
    Still some lingering issues but I'm not bedbound, thanks for asking.

    I'll be idling online from now.
    Apologies for the no-show yesterday. You don't want to see the horrors that I vomited up...

    I will be online tonight at the regular time. There's nothing else I want from your most recent update (today) so it's just Moltres for Articuno as agreed.
    Hey, I'm still around. A bit busy though so I've not had time to look through the events I have left to trade. At this point you have most of what I do (I told you that you would get all my events eventually!) so it will take longer to pick out what you need. Also I may have to start being more selective depending on what events get released in the near future...

    I'll let you know what I want to trade either today or tomorrow.
    Not a problem. Also, silly me didn't realize that Eevee House Sylveon was a Korean event, so that's one to offer as well.
    Just to remind you, I've got the XY Garchomp, Tretta Rotom & TRU Manaphy you're after so when you've got something I want I'll offer these first up. I also think have an Eevee House Sylveon but it was redeemed on a Korean game and it's OT is in Korean. This one will need a bit more digging.
    I wanr ur eventz.

    Busy day so it'll take me some time to figure out what exactly I want and what I can offer but hopefully we can get it done tonight.

    Expect Gengars.
    Just when I thought you'd hit an impasse with the events you only go and add a bunch I've never even seen, let alone had!

    Might take me a while to find stuff for trading, or I'll have to break out the plates...
    hi! Just wanted to let you know I posted in your Trade Thread about your HA Amaura and the Enter the Dragon Amaura. Willing to give shinies for both. I have a box-full.
    Progress is being made! Should have my Bank sorted before the weekend which means I can trade you events again (if you wish).

    I may also be able to offer you a few of the events that you had to remove because they matched the PS dates. Is there a list/thread with all the PS dates on that you could make me privy to so I can quickly check?
    Dang, I was going to offer Wishing Star Jirachi as well. Stupid Bank...

    I'd like to trade for the Cresselia as well. Obviously further details will have to wait until I can access my events again...
    Hey, still having bank problems so I can't make the trades today at least. I definitely want to trade the PalCity Mews though, and when I do get access again I can confirm whether I want the Faraway Island Mew or not.

    Also, my friend has just asked for his 3DS out of the blue, so I can't clone my 'mons. If you could clone mine for me again I would be very grateful.
    Thank you so much for these three! I hope to see them in a battle someday. ^^

    I will also request a HA Totodile later. Just gotta wait until Smogon finishes the analysis on it.
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