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  • Do you use Discord? Do you like catching Pokémon? Have you heard of Elaria? If you answered yes to the first two, you should give it a go! Professor Tilia is always looking for new people to help fill her Living Dex!

    It just so happens she is hosting an event right now, where you could even get your own Pokémon form added into the game! Details can be found over in the Elaria discord server, right here:
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  • Hey hey! It's easier for me to thrash this out, but if you want to stick to PM or go to your thread that's fine.

    Man you're racking up the events quick! Pretty soon I won't have anything left to trade with you. A quick question so I can take a look at what I can still offer - do you want any of the non-shiny Deset City Arceus (i.e. that aren't Normal-type and come with the respective plate?) I can offer a few of those. I also have a CoroCoro (shiny) RQ that I got from a trade. When I get home I'll check the dates on all of them and anything else I can offer.

    Oh by the way, that UT 4IV Zapdos? Turns out it's Hidden Power Ice (which explains the non-maxed Defence - it's not possible to get HP Ice with 31 Def).
    You're welcome! Hopefully I can get it done by 11pm EST as long as school work and other things don't get in the way.
    Phew! Perfect! Thank you so much! I currently have the parents to RNG breed your Pokemon with. Any specific Breeding Moves/Hidden Power on anyone before I begin?
    ...Could I ask what genders Nelson and Kelta are? I forgot to ask for them to be male and female respectively and I really hope they didn't come out with the wrong one. ><
    Okay let's forget the deal ^^ As long as you didn't get in black stuff you are fine.

    No avatar tho D:
    STALKER!!! *reports* Eh it's okay xD Feel ya. As long as you don't click anything like a State secret or get in the Deep Web you will be fine kishishi~
    Ok, I've added you now. I'm online fairly often so if you see me online in-game just start the trade. My name is also Ginja in the game ^~^
    I can't reply with a PM because I haven't posted enough so I'll say it here >~<

    I would still like a Phione! I can offer a Shiny Mesprit in return!

    FC: 0447 7840 9378
    IGN: Ginja
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