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  • Completed another Dark-type article. Unexplored Dark-type Beings and Things

    Thanks for reading.
    New Dark-type article! Gen 5 (Part 2) this time, so that's the end of the Pokemon part.

    Thanks for reading.
    Here's another Dark-type article, which deals with Unexplored Type Combinations.

    Thanks for reading.
    I am done with another Dark-type article, although it's not a review this time. It's called "Selected Useful Dark-type moves".

    That's it for now.
    Done with the latest Dark-type review. Read it if you're free!

    Thanks for reading.
    There's a new Dark-type article! It's an introduction article, so the Pokemon aren't touched yet. You can read it if you are interested.

    Thanks for reading.
    that says "harison" in ur name,right?
    (if I'm right,I'll be overjoyed cuz I can read Hiragana a little well and I know that I'll pass our test on friday x3)
    Hey, you know when you claim a pokemon on a date. If I want to change it do I have to wait the exact day? Like October 2, to November 2. ?
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