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  • There's a chance that they will at least reveal what it is, but not much more than that.
    Hey, on the claiming thread, can you change Flame Battler to Thundagere? I just noticed that I hadn't notified you, sorry, and I don't want there to be any confusion.
    Silktree and I have been discussing recently the comments made by Mana Iba a while back about being no third version could be true, I suggest you read some of his suggestions, there not impossible
    I might in my spare time. Link?

    In terms of the three year Generation, R/S remakes are just as likely not going to happen then happen.
    Then what happen?

    Sorry, but Nintendo loves money to much. To not capitalize on the opportunity of another game. Though I could be wrong. Given what we've seen I have a feeling we'll see a third version.
    There is a change that this Generation will go quicker than previous ones
    What do you mean change?

    the likely fact that there won't be R/S remakes/third version this Generation and the fact it can't be a coincidence the anime has gone faster
    Sorry, but there's absolutely no proof what's so ever. Looking at GAMEFREAK's track record I'm pretty sure there will be a third game. Sorry again, but I need proof of it before just believing it like it's fact. The writers are writing this show as they go along they don't have any specific direct plot places planned out really.

    means we may be in for a 2-3 year Generation. At the vert least a filler saga isn't impossible.
    Filler Saga isn't impossible but, the writers want to advertise this Generation a lot, if it proves marketable I'm pretty sure the writers will continue forward it in the same vain it has been, since DP.
    It's almost guaranteed that the next game will be the Wii title. Honestly, I don't see how a 3DS game could be announced beforehand.
    You are able to provide your opinion on Zorua and Zoroark. If you want, maybe you can give your opinion on the Krookodile line too. Each of these opinions has a limit of three sentences, though! PM me them if you are done. Since those Pokemon are introduced later, you don't need to be in a hurry, although it's preferable that you get it as soon as possible.
    It's a valid theory, but I'd think that Game Freak wouldn't want Cilan to be a main character in the anime if that were the case. Personally, I'm not interested in character-specific theories.

    I don't live in Japan, nor do I know Japanese.
    I know that they're there so we can obtain them, but the Shadow Triad made a big deal about Ghetsis' agenda. My guess is that he had found the orbs in the Sinjoh Ruins (I doubt he's been to the Distortion World) and was going back there to hide, with N following him.
    The rumor itself is plausible, but I don't see how anyone could know something like that a year in advance. If I recall correctly, the Black and White rumors that were proven true had been leaked about two months before the official announcement. Also, some fans guessed the name "Plasma" and they didn't have any inside sources.
    Since I can't currently change my name myself (for some reason), I can't answer accurately, but I'd remember the section "Edit Email & Password" in User CP under Settings & Options should turn into "Edit Email, Password & Username" whenever you're able to change it.
    Nope, if you can't change it yourself, you need to find someone with both bold and italic username (e.g. $aturn¥oshi or Satoshi-kun). Only administrators can change usernames. :]
    I don't see it that way; to me saying that only Pokémon from recent generations should be focused on is a little arbitrary. I don't know what exactly motivates Game Freak to come up with additions to existing families, but the majority of fans vastly prefer evolutions to pre-evolutions, and they also like to see single-stage Pokémon with low stats being redeemed, as it were.

    Farfetch'd, Corsola, Qwilfish, Delibird and Dunsprace are such Pokémon. As far as I'm concerned, Electivire, Magmortar, Rhyperior, Glaceon and Porygon-Z were introduced at the expense of those Pokémon, and that's a pity. But Game Freak can still correct that. Then we have Pokémon which have pre-evolutions, and yet they also have low base stats with little to make up for it (Parasect, Sudowoodo, Magcargo and Sunflora). Their evolutions would be somewhat less essential and so I could understand why Game Freak might give priority to single-stage Pokémon from more recent generations (say Carnivine and Marcatus), but in my eyes that wouldn't be fair because the Pokémon I mentioned are in greater need of a boost (as are Chimecho, Masquerain, Delcatty and Swoobat).

    Most Generation IV and Generation V Pokémon seem to have been designed to be self-contained. For one thing, Generation IV barely has any non-legendary single-stage Pokémon, if only due to the focus on families of older Pokémon and the Sinnoh legendaries. Generation V does have a fair amount of them (14), but with the exception of Audino (which was clearly based on Chansey), they are solid Pokémon as-is. Well, if we also consider pre-evolutions and alternate evolutions (which don't interest me), then Throh and Sawk may get the Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee treatment.
    Here are the Pokémon that I think should be given new evolutions:

    Generation I: Farfetch'd, Parasect
    Generation II: Corsola, Qwilfish, Delibird, Dunsprace, Sudowoodo, Magcargo, Sunflora
    Generation III: Spinda, Castform, Volbeat and Illumise (a shared evolution), Mawile, Sableye, Solrock, Lunatone, Luvdisc, Kecleon, Masquerain, Chimecho, Delcatty, Banette
    Generation IV: Chatot
    Generation V: Audino, Swoobat

    Bear in mind that I'm basing this on stats alone (except for Banette, which I feel needs to be even with Dusclops). I excluded Pokémon which don't seem as if they're meant to get stronger (the ones from the early routes).
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