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  • Actually, I don't think Generation VI will be a sequel to this generation in the same sense that Generation II was to its predecessor. The reference to N specifically notes that the region in question is far from Unova, so it's probably closer to the older regions.

    I definitely expect to see N and Ghetsis again, but the generation that needs the evolution treatment the most is Generation III. Despite their large number, most of the Generation V Pokémon have decent stats and don't need evolutions, so I only expect to see around five evolutions added to the Unova family. Of course, that'd be akin to the treament the Generation III Pokémon received in Generation IV, and the Regis were the only legendaries whose story was expanded (via Regigigas).

    So Kyurem could definitely be fleshed upon in the next generation, but I think it would be a lot more interesting and fitting if that happened in the Wii game instead. Let's just say the region north of Unova has a better chance of being the setting of the Wii game than it does of being featured in the next main series games.
    I don't expect remakes for numerous reasons. Generation VI should be released in 2013 at the latest.

    Yes, the movie seems disappointing, especially since the two versions barely have any differences. I'm still not sure why they thought it would be a good idea to focus on an already revealed event Pokémon; it's strange that Reshiram and Zekrom are the real stars of the movie, and that they're the ones that will be distributed at theaters.
    I see Black and White as a set of solid games that could do without a third installment. The large number of new Pokémon is meant to distinguish the games from the Generation IV versions that share the same system. Game Freak accomplished the most important thing: If it weren't for Black and White, the franchise would be very stale and stagnant during this transition period to the 3DS. But is Generation V actually meant to make that transition? If not, there is no reason why it should be longer than two years.

    At the rate it's going, the Unova anime saga will most likely have been wrapped up by late 2012; that's probably the more believable part of the theory. What may be harder to believe is that the Wii game is an RPG not developed by Game Freak, but still one they planned for when they designed this generation.

    At any rate, it is very reasonable to expect an announcement next month. The Typing DS game is going to be released in a few days and May has long been a special month for game news. The announcement should basically tell us what to expect from 2012; if the game isn't an RPG or Kyurem isn't the mascot, I'll have to let go of my theory.
    I think there is a very distinct possibility that Mana Ibe was telling the truth about a third version not being planned; Junichi Masuda did not refute her statement, but he did find a way to make people forget what she said. Kotaku Japan interpreted Ibe's statement as saying that Generation VI might be very close, but Masuda made them have second thoughts. Supposing he wanted to keep Generation VI a surprise for 2012, it is only logical that he wouldn't want us to stop expecting a third version.

    But Generation V is incomplete right now, so this really depends on the Wii game. As you can see, I've been speculating quite a bit about it, but we still don't know anything. If Kyurem turns out to be the mascot of that game, I'll have no doubt that Mana Ibe was telling the truth and that Generation VI will be released for the 3DS in 2012.
    That claiming thread of yours is filling up quick. Yesterday, my thread switched to a "base-2" system (as I like to call it) to attract more posters. I suggest you do the same (but for a different reason, of course).
    Haha. I know! I do love James' character when he gets all soft. And he always has cute Pokemon. :p
    Not yet, I haven't been able to watch the latest episodes because Youtube continues to take them down (I usually try to find videos with subs)^_^
    I meant the newest one in the anime where Ash fights Arti, and James gets the Yamask. :p
    For claiming an Ability:

    Trace - Hikari10 - March 18, 2011

    Trace was all I could find among unclaimed abilities. The others were all boring.
    About claiming a Pokemon:

    I claim Skuntank 'cos it's all I could find.

    Skuntank - Hikari10 - March 18, 2011
    Do you think you can get the quote done in a few days? I am pretty much done with this review, with just checking needed to be done. Thanks.
    hi koolhk! listen, i was stalking searching for Pika2, the user who has Jalorda claimed, and i didn't Find Him, i did find Pika22, but no Pika2, so if he left the forums,, can i claim Serperior/Jalorda?
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