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  • Because anime is like Comic Books in Japan as a culture. It follows the same trend, and is going down as well. Anime is not a popular thing in Japan.
    I simply think they'll choose Mijumaru because it's the cutest/girliest of the three and it's similar to Piplup
    Also, Tsutaja will obviously go to Ash... and I won't be surprised if he'll get Pokabu too similar to getting Turtwig and Chimchar in DP
    Meguroko - I don't really like it but not hate it either
    She may not look like a Female Anime Stereotype, but I'd rather wait it out until I am absolutely certain that she isn't. I mean, when Dawn was first unveiled, people actually thought she was more of a gothic-emo female stereotype, and yet when she actually debuted in the series, she wasn't even anything like that at all.

    There's also the matter of whether she's actually going to be on Ash's team or his rival.
    e) Cinnawood in Jouto has new history, which speaks of " Two countries" and a "way between" them.

    f) the Unown are important to the mythology of DPPt and HGSS, and it's implied that we will learn more about them.

    To be clear, I think the Jouto and Shinou regions and their mythology will be important to the plot of Black and White, but I don't nessarily believe we'll "go back there" so to speak.

    Because the story of those areas is so important, I think it will be possible (and I would like to) to visit some if not all of those regions.

    But that's something we won't find out until after the game is released.
    Hello, sorry for the delay in my response.
    There are several reasons why I believe the next games will feature Jouto and Shinou in some way.

    a)HGSS references Shinou and has acess to a new area, the Shinto Ruins, and that area is located between Jouto/Kantou and Shinou

    b) Movie 13 not only connects Shinou and Jouto, but will also promote the next new games, Black and White. A connection between The Jouto beasts and new pokemon, Zoroa and Zoroark is implied.

    c) DPPt and HGSS reference each other and their characters multiple ways and times.

    d) the 3 remaining potential regions are all in between preexisting regions.
    mmm Im also trying to learn japanese, this is my first year in college ;) and I really want to go to the city! :D good luck learning! Ganbatta kudasai!
    Not a pain at all :p ... I think that we had a conversation on that when the first scans were showing up, which might be where he got that idea from, but after looking back over the scans that we have so far, I don't see anything that suggests that. I won't be able to tell for sure though until tomorrow (little more than 12 hours from now) when I go buy my own copy of the magazine. I'll search it over tomorrow and report my findings on it, but from what I've seen of the scans taken, there was no indication that I can find.
    Haven't we been over this? WPM said that Gin suspected that their evidence might be wrong, but they haven't debunked it. According to their source, Nanoplasm, the Celebi products are tentative and it would appear to be getting similar treatment to Spiky-ear Pichu (unlike the other Generation II legendaries).

    I don't care what the fan consensus on a new type is. It means absolutely nothing.
    I don't believe in MindCrystal anymore. I think I've made that clear in most, if not all, of my posts over the last few days.

    If Z is a Celebi Forme, then I believe it will just be impersonating or possessing Celebi and is actually a new Pokémon. The Celebi Forme could also be a separate character, but I'm more in favor of the first possibility.

    Whatever the case is, I strongly feel that the Generation V games should be related to Johto in some way. If that happens, I won't complain about HGSS not having the content I wanted or MindCrystal not being released.
    Because of the rush. They could really do many HGSS spinoffs before that. They're ruining HGSS marketing, making it feel like those games were just lousy fanservice that they don't really care about. 2011 would be the perfect date. Now it's too early.

    I'm also fed up, to be honest. And that eternal "animals" argument is killing me. Okay, maybe there are unlimited Pokemon. But do we have to know them all?
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