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  • Sorry for disturbing you again, but the center formatting seems to have extended to include all the stories in the Drama section of the Archive Directory.
    Hey. Sorry if I come across as demanding or nagging. I posted in the Archive Directory regarding some requests. Thank you for taking on those two threads!
    I've been busy with school recently as well as reading other fics, though I've had this week off.
    Well I think I did pretty good, though chemistry was a bit harder than I thought.
    I lived there for three years actually, I moved back from there on 2009

    Well as the title says it's based on a Pokemon Academy xD it's kind of complicated for me to explain actually but it kind of revolves around the protagonist and his friends and this fakemon I created called Chigon, it took a lot of work to make the fakemon idea work out.
    I still haven't decided that as of yeah.

    Isn't there a way you can shorten that? cause then it would take a long time for you.

    Yeah, hopefully it works.
    Well I want to find a good job when I graduate, probably move to the US but as a long term plan I don't really have much yet.

    100 chapters xD so you're not even halfway yet?

    Well I planned this fic since I started writing Dragon's Roar, SYR is the sequel to Dragons Roar and they're both part of a trilogy I have planned, I still haven't planned the third one cause I've mostly focused on SYR.
    Yeah I wasn't too good at figuring out what I wanted to do when I first started either.

    So you already have the rest of the story planned out huh? well I just reached chapter 10 so that's close to halfway xD

    Well it used to be like that back when I joined here actually, but thanks to gama, legacy, and me things began to soften a bit, then more authors came in with different kinder views on things. When the WW actually got a team of moderators instead of just two mods that barely did anything the new style of reviewing became more common, I for one like to be kind in my reviews because when I first started no one ever was so I don't want anyone to feel like what they're writing isn't worth their time.
    Why wouldn't you?

    Thanks xD

    Well it seemed famous the last time I checked xD, though I though you'll be farther along with it.

    Well I think that people in Serebbi as a whole tend to have a bit more skill when it comes to their writing, but I think that they are too strict with their guidelines in a way, people say that Bulba is too nice with its criticism but I think that it fits better, cause, at least when I was in serebbi there were a lot of people that were kind of harsh with their criticism so I felt as if I was just wasting my time writing sometimes.

    That and as you said there are a lot more writers that hang around and review other people's fics rather than just wait around for theirs to be read, of course bulba still has a problem regarding reviews but it's not as bad, plus I believe that at least giving out nice criticism helps the other authors not feel as bad about what they're writing.
    what are you studying?

    I will and thanks in advance by the way.

    Yeah but it's still pretty cool xD the fact that your fic is famous in serebbi says a lot.

    By the way, in your opinion, which one do you think is better, serebbi or bulba and I mean in the sense of writer quality and such.
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