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  • Yup. That's true!

    Cool, what kinds?

    I've been watching plenty, and finished a lot. Right now I'm marathon ing Full Metal Alchemist :)
    Yeah, but SMGs in general suck. Except the N7 Hurricane and probably the Collector SMG (which I haven't unlocked yet), but even then, you need high-level attachments to make them useable beyond Bronze. :<

    Oh, laters!
    Yeah. It's meant for beginners. Funny thing is, I thought that because I couldn't find a Bronze match instantly when I first started playing, that there weren't any going on at all anymore. So I looked for Silver instead ... the result: Me as a Lv1 Vanguard with a mere Katana I and Shuriken I (the latter of which is nigh-useless, even on Bronze, and even at level X), struggling to get kills. I unlocked the Geth Juggernaut not too long after, though, and it was a bit smoother from there.
    Yeah, both in Spiral Knights and Mass Effect 3, though more often in the latter. Having to solo the rest of a wave with a basic Engineer (without Incinerate) on Gold difficulty with a weak SMG and no consumable upgrades (i.e. ammo type, extra shields, power damage boost), in a match you didn't even want to be in, was ... strenuous, to say the least. x~x At least on Silver it's not as bad.
    Yeah. :D Plus, I feel like games with smaller groups are easier for one player to handle by themselves, either through purposeful solo runs or just because everyone else gets knocked out. I like being able to stand a chance when my teammates get themselves killed :U
    Actually I don't mind. I prefer smaller groups when it comes to cooperative gameplay. ^^
    Yep! And actually I guess it's only partially MMO ... you can find tons of people in the overworld, but missions can only be done with up to four.
    Yeah. But apparently MMOs and free-to-plays are both guilty of this. And SK is a free-to-play MMO. xD
    It's ... interesting. I just wish there wasn't so much grinding involved, whether for cash or weapons or ingredients ...
    Eh, as far as I was a few months ago. Granted, I stopped playing for a few months. :p
    Exactly! Love It!

    No:( I just have the regular DS. Black looks elite indeed 8)

    Just been watching anime and stuff. You? :)
    Hey, do you think May could come back for a cameo in XY for promoting ORAS? I really miss her, and it would be great if they bring her back for a cameo. ^^
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