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  • It would seem so! That's true hardcore gaming imo. :p

    Ah I see. x) Knowing me I'd skip around. Though that's the marvelous thing, you can watch a random episode and not get lost.

    Oh you should! It's a marvelous game! I can bet that. xD

    I will. x)
    Hahaha, I know right? xD Yes I've played that too :) I've also played gta and another great game, spore and sims.

    I haven't even seen 21 jump street. My best friend asked if I'd like to watch it with her, so I did and it was a GREAT movie. Check it out soon!

    Really? That's cool! My friend gave me her DS lite once she got a DSi before :) What color?
    My~ Does he have superstrenght or what? Damn that's an attention call for me, I get too nervous in certain games and tend to press the touch screen too hard D: I don't wannt to break my 3DS..
    Wait, will you really fix it fomr him? :eek:

    No way ^^ you're really clueless sis~. Catched your fancy?

    Never, we don't have much of them here :p and you?
    Even I didn't enjoyed the DP and BW anime all that much. But XY is really good. They have improved the animation and battles this time, and even the filler episodes have interesting plots. And Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are very likeable. :)
    And my favourite saga is AG too. Mainly because of May obviously, but also because I like Ash's character in AG the best. And OS is a close-second because of the nostalgia. And also because it had Gary and Misty in it. ^^
    And yeah, I'll definitely play the Zelda games when I have some time. They really sound like fun.
    .... oooooh, it'd be a heck of a coincidence if I saw you on Fox News or something a few years from now. xD
    Oh wow, I rarely hear about someone cracking their touch screen. Though hopefully it does come soon. :)

    Do you plan on watching all the episodes?

    I do agree she is, the whole cast was lovable. Though is it safe to assume you played FE:A then? And lucky, I'm holding off until I beat a few games before I buy more. Yeah! :D
    I'll give her something nice next time :p That's for sure~

    Haha maybe I'll take a shot sometime, what I liked was the Megaevolution special :p
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