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  • Oh what happened to it?

    Yeah aha. Though I usually wait till a show is completed before I watch it.

    Same here! Greninja and Robin won me over in considering getting SSB. Same here! That's why I like the little rodent tbh. Plus I have one named Mimi on my X that Kaori spent 40 mins or so looking for just for me. I couldn't find one when I was playing X, so she caught me one and now I cherish her.
    Yeah, I watch the XY anime regularly. It's really cool! I think I am going to end up liking this saga just as much as AG and OS. :)
    Which is your favourite saga?

    I really don't play that many games besides Pokemon, but I enjoy playing the Mario games once in a while. And Vice City too.
    I haven't played Zelda, but I have heard that it is an awesome game.
    I wish I had a copy of FireRed that wasn't glitched out and Black and White 2.

    Just look at my avatar, that's the only proof you need. xD

    Yes! Someone who agrees! Without Ash, May wouldn't have become a great coordinator and same with Dawn. I know there is, I just joined it. :)
    I nearly missed this VM, my bad. @[email protected]

    I didn't watch much DP at all myself, I think I've seen more of BW since it's my favorite generation. So complete bias on my behalf.

    About 10 episodes I think? I remember Jessie caught her Pumpkaboo, and I stopped watching because I hate waiting on episodes for any show. :p

    Your ultimate favorite is almighty and powerful! xD But Greninja, Furfrou, Skrelp/Dragalge, Tyrantrum, Dedenne, and Pumpkaboo.
    Whoa, interesting o.o

    So you're majoring in filming? What kind of job will that get you?
    A houndoom in a dusk ball, I needed one for a breeding request but I forgot it only appears in X version.. And since I have Y T_T I should be more careful about that from now on, Norzan saved my ass the other time (I had to breed a luxury ball charmander but never realized I deleted the safari T_T).

    Lemme know when you get there ^^

    Unfortunately I don't watch the anime since Kanto :p. But been hering it improved a lot this season, is that true? :9
    Pokemon Platinum/Black and Sapphire were awesome! ^^

    But that new animation style in XY makes him look even cooler. xD

    Yes!!!! :D
    I wish I had Yellow. I started with the DS/GBA games.

    So would I, but his XY outfit looks cool too. ^^

    So I raise you a question, Ash X May or Drew X May?
    Yeah, both of them are awesome! :)

    Yeah, I have a DS Lite and a 3DS too, I just mainly use my 3DS for 3DS games! :) Oh cool, what kind of club is it? :D
    Gym Leader? D: He's a champion T_T Such cruelty, wait.. You only played Emerald?

    Too many Genescts xD Oh btw you only started X right? Could you do me a favor? D:
    I really hope so. xD IKR? Closest you can get to playing him was Yellow and making a team like his. :D

    Really? Haha, that is a fact. xD

    Cool. :)
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