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  • Not like a traditional wedding? That definitely piques curiosity. :lol:

    Oh I know he's nuts over it aha. But I gotcha! The anime is, and with good reason it's honestly not a bad anime, maybe a bit rushed if anything. But the game is based off the anime so it's a psuedo MMO which should be fun.

    Yep! I LOVE Akuma no Riddle, it's about this class of assassins who all target this one girl in their class. Whoever kills her gets one wish granted, if they fail they get expelled. My avatar is actually one of the assassins. As for Selector Infected Wixoss it's about a card game, girls who find a talking card called an LRIG participate in battles to have their wishes granted. It's gotten pretty dark very fast though.
    So will you play any part in the marriage? Like bridesmaid? ^^

    So your a Mass Effect fan like Karis then? x) I'm looking forward to small things like Project Diva f 2nd, and Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.

    I'm currently watching Akuma no Riddle, and Selector Infected Wixoss. ^^
    Yeah, I practically screamed the whole time! xD

    Oh yeah, those movies were really good too :D
    Yeah, I practically screamed the whole time! xD

    Oh yeah, those movies were really good too :D
    Aw that's good. ^^ Then it must be a special day for the entire family.

    I feel like I have 100, and what's worse is E3 made me want more games. Have you been keeping up to date with E3 stuff? ^^

    But yay I don't feel alone! Though I don't doubt the amount of games I own are probably more than what most normal people have ehe.
    yeah :3, crap this E3 got me crying..
    Got me too hyped xD

    I'll make sure she does, don't worry xD

    Die-hard nintendo fan eh? :p
    (have to put banners up everywhere saying "WATCH GUNDAM SEED" XD)

    It definitely was, and the time when Lacus did the same onboard the Eternal was a sweet scene as well. ^^

    Yeah, it was really well-done especially in the first series! Even for characters that weren't as major like Yzak and Dearka, the development was handled really well and not forced at all. What did you think of Destiny?
    Me too, such relief. I must say, I'm not all that fond of what they've done to Brendan, though.

    I did see the E3 trailer for OR/AS. :) It is beyond epic, and everything I've imagined (and more). My ultimate dream come true!!!
    Wow, I don't know many people who prefer SEED over 00, we SEED fans have to stick together. XD

    Kira and Lacus are so likable and pretty cute together! Yep, my favorite is probably pretty obvious. ^^ Yzak and Andy are the rest of my top three.
    Honestly, SSB and Pokémon are the only Nintendo franchises I'm interested in right now. :c
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