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  • Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one, and hope you've been doing well.
    That's cool! :D Oh, I didn't know they announced another one, that's really cool! :D I love Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of the Sky, those were such awesome games, so much fun, the story was so good! :D I actually heard of another game today called RWBY I think? I really want to play it now, it looks awesome! :D

    I've been playing a little bit of Pokémon Battle Revolution lately; finally managed to win Waterfall Colosseum Lv. 50 Open level 7. :)
    That depends on your definition of exciting. xD I flew for the first time to Las Vegas for a wedding, so that was an experience.
    Damn, I'm so used to having my siblings relatively close by, I can't imagine not seeing them for months, let alone years.

    I'm planning on starting Akatsuki no Yona tomorrow when I visit my friend :D
    I rewatched Dangan Ronpa, FMA, and OHSHC with my sister and we're slowly making our way through FMA: Brotherhood. I also watched Gankutsuou, From the New World, Requiem for the Phantom, and Sailor Moon Crystal, among others.
    ...And yet I still have yet to finish NGE after a decade. xD;
    Second place yaay ^^)/ I am sure this year you will first! Do you know what your group is wearing already?
    Yeah I also think that deep down she is a nice girl. She just had a very troubled and dark past which had made her bratty towards other people. And I also liked how she was a very strong and aggressive pilot in the earlier episodes. :D

    Okay then, I guess I'll watch the End of Evangelion movie during Christmas holidays or something. Thanks for telling that. :)

    And movie 17 was good. I liked Diancie. I think she was funny. But the ending was a little abrupt, I was expecting something a lot more dramatic. And I think the fight between Xerneas and Yveltal should have been longer. But overall the movie was still entertaining. :)
    Donkey Kong Country Returns is a fantastic game, it's so much fun, definitely would recommend that you try it sometime! :)

    What games have you been playing lately? :)
    I love the boy who became a girl and the girl who want to become a boy
    I love them both
    I wish if the will do a new season, something like that
    I love them both
    And I am totally agree and with you in this point: "Hourou Musuko has such as beautiful story about LGBT people and their lives. I have a good friend who is LGBT and he (actually a she) suffers discrimination. He is really a nice person and I wish more people would just accept him for who he is, not what they think he should be"
    thanks for being my friend and sorry for thinking that you mad of me
    I love you so much
    good luck in your study and wish one day we will meet each
    did you see serena and eevee episode?
    it is so amazying
    I love it too much
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