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  • Oh really? LOL :) Oh well, I'll probably get around to it sooner or later. :) I'm thinking that I'm going to play Donkey Kong Country Returns after RE4, I never actually beat it even though I love the game! :) I'm really in a DK mood after watching the DK vs. Knuckles battle; have you seen that? :)

    Who, the character from P4? Trust me, you don't want to! XD
    Yeah, I just worry that, like, since the consoles are all going to be older and used, they may not last very long.
    Hey how are you? :) Are you still watching XY?
    I was actually quite disappointed about May not coming for the ORAS promotion that's why I had stopped watching it mid-way. I think I'll start watching it again during the holidays.

    Sorry to hear about your Wii U. :(

    Oh, and I had bought AS. The Kyogre on its cover was looking cooler and more badass than Groudon imo. :)
    Yeah, I remember looking into that. No way I'm spending that much.

    I had a slim PS2 that I bought in 2005. The new one is an old fat model.
    I just beat it about a week or so ago; now I've been playing through Resident Evil 4 again. :) Have you ever played Skyrim before? I got it for Christmas last year and I haven't played it yet, I honestly kind of scared to; the kind of gamer that I am, I like to 100% almost every game, and I looked up and saw that Skyrim has about 300+ total hours of gameplay, and if I remember right, it's one of those games that once you start playing it you just can't stop. :/

    I would buy Yellow and Crystal at the very least. :)

    Oh, there's a video game, I didn't know that? :) I found out about it from that Persona 4 Let's Play I mentioned before; there's this really obnoxious and unlikable character called Hisano in the game, and everyone HATES her, and rightfully so. :) But I saw one comment on there saying that whenever they hear the name Hisano they think of the really shy girl with burn marks on half of her body, so I went ahead and searched her name and she was one of the first results. :)
    Ah, sorry sorry. Haven't been on lately.

    I passed, but now have to deal with Calculus II and Physics. D: my classes literally get out at 8:45 on Lab days.

    Indeed I have, I actually have Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion 2.22 You Shall (Not) Advance on Blu-ray.
    Next paycheck I was actually going to order a 6" model of Eva Unit 02 in Beast Mode. =D
    I want 3.33 but...

    Hmm, I still have not touched my Omega Ruby since we last spoke. I keep playing this Emerald... thing every time I get in the Pokémon mood.
    Yeah, I'm pretty happy with that. My old PS2 stopped reading discs a bit back, so I'm glad I could replace it. Means I don't have to emulate *cough*
    For idol music and Jpop i love AKB48, HKT48, Country Girls, KOTOKO, Ali Project, Perfume, MEG... :D
    We've mostly just been going to a lot of thrift stores. My parents love those. :p And eating a lot.
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