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  • I get the feeling that's what they were aiming for, given some of the weapon designs.
    Yeah it's of the "multiplayer first" variety. :p The singleplayer is still fun though.
    Uhh...well I'm on the last "world" so to speak of the singleplayer, and I'm about Lv15 in multiplayer.
    Thanks! It's kind of frustrating at times but that's just shooters for you. I'm enjoying it overall. ^^
    Started playing through Paper Mario just the other day, definitely having fun! :)

    That's a bummer, I really hope that they decide to release some of the original games as classes on the 3DS Virtual Console, I think a lot of people would really like that. :)

    Yeah, I know right! :) Have you ever seen an anime called Katawa Shoujo? :)
    I know right, such a bummer. :( It's not all bad though; usually when school starts up I'll pick out a long game and casually play it throughout the semester, I'm thinking about playing either The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker or Paper Mario, or maybe Super Mario Sunshine at some point too. :) It's actually really relaxing for me during the semester to pick out a game like one of those that involved a lot of open world traveling, give your something to look forward to every week. :)

    I actually just tried playing mine yesterday, couldn't get it to work though, I think my GameBoy Advance SP is going dead. :/ Oh cool, what games did you end up streaming? :D

    Cool, he's a really funny guy! :) I think you'll also want to check out ProtonJon SA; he has awesome YouTube videos and he has a Twitch channel where he does video game streams. :) He owns around 2,500 different games, yes I'm serious, and his streams usually go on for about 7 hours average, they're really enjoyable! :D

    Really, thank pretty surprising; I liked it and everything but I didn't think anyone thought it was that popular. :) Me, my sister and my dad have been the biggest DBZ fans since me and my sister were really little; we had literally all of the VHS and DVD's whenever they were released, we had every single action figure you can imagine, it was insane! :) The earlier episodes aren't the best, but around the time they get to the Android Saga is when it got really popular! :) No, I'm not sure if I've heard of them actually. :/ Have you seen the trailer for Batman V. Superman? :) I've watched a bunch of reaction videos to it the other day, it looks really awesome, a lot of people are really excited about it! :D
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