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  • Ahh okay. I will say in recent months I have taken more of a liking to strategy actually c:
    For real. I've been in air conditioning for like two days straight xD

    Cool! Lots of shooters I see ^^
    I am neutral to it, but who doesn't like some romance? -w-

    Really now? :eek: An anime or the app? I am confused xD Oh why? Well I kinda just got the hype of SAO but after rewatching and reading some critiques made me lose the love for it, I am more interested in the light novels xD

    I was gonna start watching Wakaba☆girl but somehow lazy :eek: Don't you hate when you want to do something but are too lazy? ;w;
    Too true! :)

    They were quite a team, Iris didn't stand a chance! :) Also, it's unbelievable, but as I was playing, I found a Shiny Absol! :D My jaw just literally dropped when I ran in o it; I wasn't training or looking for a shiny Pokémon or anything like that, I was just on my way to the next town and passing through on the route when I found it, I was screaming for like 10 minutes, LOL! :D Absol is and always had been one of if not my favorite Pokémon so I just couldn't believe it! :D The only down side is it has a terrible nature and I already had my team planned out, so I couldn't really use it; I'm thinking that once I pick up White 2 and start playing again, which I've kind of been wanting to do lately actually, I'll take it out and start training it, if for no other reason than I love it! :)

    That's cool, if you can't find one then don't worry about it; the fact that you're going to look though means a lot to me. :) Plus, you never know unless you try! :)

    Oh that's cool! :D Which ones have you seen? :) I've been watching a lot of SuperJeenius on YouTube lately; he's done some fantastic Let's Play's of Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 Golden, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which he actually did blind! :) He's really gotten me in to the Persona games, Persona 4 Golden especially has quickly gone up to being in my opinion one of the best games ever made! :)
    Alright I suppose. And for you?

    We have some storms nearby but idk how much we'll get :c
    Yeah, it was definitely the case early on. She's getting a little more spotlight tho, so maaaaybe~

    Hopefully. ^^
    It's an old one indeed o.o If its good I am more than up to watch it.
    Ah I have been trying to watch some more but didn't have much time, mostly following the season ones las they went like Girlfriend Beta, Yurikuma Arashi, the rolling girls, Kouffuku graffiti, Tokyo Ghoul, trying to get back into Fairy Tail but I lost the interest on it already.
    Ohh as for this season ones I am totally hyped and watching God Eater, Symphogear GX and the New Dragon Ball, you? :D
    LOL, just saw your Grade for Transformers Age Of ExSTOINKTION, Glad U kinda think it's sorta watchable, for Me, it's UNWATCHABLE!! I remember, I saw this thing last year, I DIDN'T WANT to see it in Theaters, but I wanted to be a Team Player since my Best Friend had asked me to come so I decided to watch it. I'd say the BEST THING in the WHOLE FILM is Mark Wahlberg. I'd say the other things I Liked were Stanley Tucci, the other Autobots (thought these ones had Character UNLIKE the ones in the other 3) and the Dinobots. Other than that, ... the Film is the SAME as ANY OTHER Michael Bay Film LOL.
    Same. :< Maybe even have a spinoff that focuses on her entirely. At least she's getting more development though.
    Ehh...frankly I don't even really remember what happened that bothered me ^^;

    Good! c:
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