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  • Do you use Discord? Do you like catching Pokémon? Have you heard of Elaria? If you answered yes to the first two, you should give it a go! Professor Tilia is always looking for new people to help fill her Living Dex!

    It just so happens she is hosting an event right now, where you could even get your own Pokémon form added into the game! Details can be found over in the Elaria discord server, right here
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  • Yes, but the items are hacked, and if you want a pokemon I don't have, it will be hacked too. If you want a hacked pokemon, don't breed it, but if you just want the item, ... well, I've used them before and they worked just fine for me.
    No, sorry. I'm doing some work right now, so it'll have to be tomorrow. that OK?
    I'll be heading in in a moment (not sure if you'll see this, but I'l tell you anyway). :p
    Not now. Will you be around in an hour? I will be set up to trade by then.
    Oh, sorry, I didn't see your message earlier. No, I can't, I'm afraid. I can only trade later tonight or tomorrow now, because I switched to the laptop which requires me to change my router's wireless settings. :/
    Sorry, it'll have to be later now. When you didn't reply I started doing some other stuff :/
    Sure, I just need to nickname them. Also, the Hydreigon is actually level 85 and the Reuniclus is level 70, it that OK? I need to make sure I write the correct levels down in future D:
    I was at practice..
    tell me when you are available via PM and when you ask also PM me when your asking if I can trade because it sends a notification to my phone which I have on me 99% of the time, I need to get your starly back to you.
    I woke up around then, sorry. If you're available at that same time tomorow ill check here and see if I can catch you.
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