• ME continues wandering aimlessly around Sinnoh. Watch here as he participates in a Catching Show and goes to a strange island.
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  • Just a reminder that you requested a Aron from me. I'm starting on a new breeding project soon and I'd like to have my current stock cleared out before the end of the week.

    Please message me when you're available to trade, or alternatively, tell me what times you're available (and what timezone you're in) and I'll try to meet you then.

    Sweet. Just want to know, which TM did I trade you??? Cause I don't want to give you 2 of the same TM :D
    I'm pretty busy at the moment; I'm about to open my presents (it's my b-day :p) and then I eat the cake I made. Can we trade tommorow if you can???
    I just realized I didn't put the TM's on -_- that's why I went all crazy. Can we trade later; my wifi is acting up :/
    hey, sorry i missed you yesterday but i was out a bit late. When will you be able to trade again? Does noon sound good?
    OK your Phione and Gligar are ready for trade, just bring the ones i mentioned in the PM, ill be in the room :)
    Sorry. I haven't been that active here because I'm so super busy. [Hence why I only take 5 requests per forum.] But I'll get right on it! :) [I'm really super sorry though. I really am. <3]
    That sucks. There was a few months where I wasn't playing towards the beginning of this year, and that probably set me back some. I do know that to create a Death Knight in Lich King, all you need is a level 55 character. And you don't lose any characters, either.
    I was going through races and classes left and right before I finally settled on the mage. She's only level 49 right now. I've had the game for over a year and still haven't been to Outland...
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