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  • That "figuratively and literally" kind of threw me for a loop... Yeah growing up is overrated though. It's like you always want to do it when you're young, then when you get older you wonder what the big rush was.
    Well I think "master" is kind of a strong word XD. When I learned guitar I learned really blues oriented kind of playing, so that's pretty much what a lot of my stuff sounds like. It's kind of hard for me to describe what I play, I pretty much just take a bunch of weird chords and pretend they go together.

    Yeah, that does sound like an unfortunate job. I hope you can find one you like more eventually.

    As for pokemons, I started with the anime and the cards. I never actually played the card game, but I traded the cards. I never actually bought any cards, I started with one card that I found on the ground and ended up trading up to a huge collection, which I eventually sold on e-bay before they stopped being valuable. Then I got Pokemon Blue Version and I thought that was just the greatest thing ever. So yeah, I basically started because everyone else was doing it, then I never grew up.
    I don't mind you asking at all. I usually am in internet land, but when I'm not I like to play guitar and do kendo. Lately I've also been getting back into making RC airplanes. I find it difficult to stay focused on a project like that, but it's really satisfying when it's done. I've also been trying to get into chess, though that boarders on internets-land related since I play most of my games online.

    For a job I work as a software engineer at a government contractor. It's a decent job, I can't complain. How about you, what do you do IRL?
    Oh man, I really need to get Netflix. I love movies but I don't get to watch them enough. Lately (as in like the last couple years) I've just been watching TV series online whenever i want to watch something.

    Let's see, besides Minecraft and Pokemons... Well I like the Golden Sun games a lot, I like the Zelda games (though I haven't played the last couple), I like Cave Story, and several other games that I can't think of. My problem is I usually get fixated on one thing at a time, and right now I'm kind of on a Minecraft binge. How about you?
    Wow, that's a pretty high standard... Napoleon Dynamite had some moves. I don't know if anything on TV today can compare to the grossness of Ren and Stimpy. Then again I haven't really watched too much TV lately.
    I don't think I ate lead paint as a child, but I did suck on pennies and lick 9 volt batteries. Does that count for anything? Of course we are. Can I really be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth during a Minecraft binge? I would hope not..
    Okay, so I haven't had much exposure to em-speak yet, but so far it looks like it has a very strong resemblence to English, which I think I'm pretty good at speaking o.o
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