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Recent content by hehey

  1. H

    Starters Discussion

    Grookey because I always pick the grass starter not counting Gen 3 hoen (only generation I avoided the grass starter)
  2. H

    Rival Speculation

    I want a Blue or Silver, I expect to get what might just be the friendliest rival of all time.....
  3. H

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    The map..... this region looks huge!
  4. H

    Spoilers Official Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee Discussion Thread

    I dont mind the 0/10 scores on metacritic. God forbid if Nintendo thinks these games are universally loved by all then let's go might be the future of pokemon games forever (and the end of me playing them). Let them see a divided fandom....
  5. H

    Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

    Re: Your Pokemon Team Eh, im starting to think i will just box Torchic and the Kanto Starter
  6. H

    Where are you on October 12th?

    I work Saturday night (Sunday night too)... i will pick up the game before going to work on Saturday and by Monday all of the starter final evolution's will be revealed, il start playing then.
  7. H

    Trainer Customization

    Il probably only change the skin color and hair of the male NPC. His default outfit is perfect just the style i prefer for this kind of thing. ....unless they have a full blown "Naruto style" jumpsuit, then il totally go with that.
  8. H

    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    Gengar is laughing all the way to the Pokemon League, it was already good before but now it has a new Resistance against the New Dragon Killer Fairy and his other Stab Sludge Bomb is actually useful now (against Fairy), not to mention steel types can no longer resist its Shadow Ball..... Gengar...
  9. H

    Kanto Starters

    How early in the game do we get the Kanto starters, is it known?
  10. H

    Kanto Starters

    It depends of Chespin's evolutions.... if they are desirable then i wont bother with Kanto starters, if it sucks then Bulbasaur all the way.
  11. H

    Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

    Re: Your Pokemon Team Honedge will be on my party for sure....
  12. H

    Gym Leader/Elite 4/Champion Discussion

    Re: Gym Leader + Elite 4 Discussion Does this mean that you find Alder later on in a secret area all super leveled up like Red and Steven in gens 2 & 3?
  13. H

    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    Aloe is grass gym because of the green in her disign, thats my reasoning.
  14. H

    Why is the Johto arc so hated within this fandom?

    Best openings in the series, easily.