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  • Hi!
    Just wanted to say I really loved the picture on DeviantArt I'd given you the idea to draw. It's just like I'd imagined it! Thanks for crediting me too.
    Yeah, ever since I was a kid it was no doubt that the two will get together, the same with Brock and a Nurse Joy and low and behold he is studying to be a Pokemon Doctor!
    Hey,did you watched Dawn an Brock special yet?
    Dawn was so-so to me not being particular great with episode being mostly about that girl and group of Ariados.
    Brock special was however quite good,with battle between nurse Joy(inspector)and Forrest not being bad at all.
    I see,thanks for understanding.I just wanted to say how gym in reality or distance werent problems if writers wanted to have good old redhead appear.Oh well perhaps they will return Misty one day,it would be a shame to leave her forgotten when there exists unfinished business and reasons to be brought back.

    You know what they say,hope never dies.

    And your welcome,i had to compliment your drawings because i really liked them.Im not so much talented in it,infact i draw terrible lol.
    Hi been a long time last time i talked to you.How have you been,hope your doing well.

    Btw i saw some of your drawings on deviantart and i have to say you did very good job.I like the style and shade of colors being used in it.

    p.s.Sorry if my post brought trouble in shipping thread i just discussed friendly getting little carried away not realizing its been going off topic.
    Nice job. :thumbup:

    Really wishing your avatar was a real episode/special/movie, but I can't think of any logical reason for it to happen. xD
    *hugs* You should make a quick stop at my drabbles thread. There are two I don't think you've read yet. There's a link in my sig. Nice to know you're still a fan!
    No tervetuloa vaan bulbagardeniin, vaikka ootkin täällä joku parisen viikkoa jo pyörinytkin :). Ihan ehdottomasti kivoimpia näistä kansainvälisistä pokéfoorumeista, joilla oon ite pörräillyt joskus.
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