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  • What's wrong with England ^_^ You have school?? Now??? It's 1:00 AM here! Jeez... Well, good luck ;) I'll try to be here when you get back. And that really sucks DX I'm sorry ;___; I heard that if you get to 40, your chain can't go any higher (as far as probablility goes) so once you get to 40, you should just keep resetting and waiting for the oddly colored grass patch.
    Really? That sucks >.< ! I have a little over two months off, so I should have plenty of time to chain ;D

    Oh, and by the way, your new avatar is awesome X3
    Lol, I'm honored to be the first to spell your name right. You have a cool name ^_^ ! Yeah, I'm on summer vacation... What?? *nearly faints* 6 weeks?! How can you survive? Aww, man... I'm sorry :'( I hope you get through it okay ;) So, how did chaining go today?
    I think you are ;D 41?? That's insane! My highest is 17... Either that or I have terrible luck XP I've red parts of it, like "don't go unless you see four areas of grass shake" and "go to the farthest one unless it's shaking roughly". And, still, I fail...

    Ugh, my mom is forcing me off the computer, so I gotta go >.< But, I'll keep chaining for that shiny Shinx for you ^_^ I might be on later if you on then so we can talk, but I'm not sure. Anyway, see later, Blossem ;D
    Oh, really? That's awesome! I make mine too ;) Well, I usually do... (I made the Skull one I had at first), but now I'm just being lazy :p . Great! You're welcome! Then that'll be my new chaining mission. We could be like a team, lol... well... I'd be more like your apprentice, because I don't know the first thing about chaining >.<
    Yeah, I'll give it to you ^_^ It seems like you want it a lot, so I'd be happy to. But, yeah, I hear what you're saying about chances being slim... Bleh, it's hard word >.< I think your avatar is cool right now, but I'm sure you can find another cool one... I change my avatar way to often, so don't get used to Registeel XP
    Me? Addicted to chaining? No way XP ! I mean, maybe if I was good at it... It is kinda fun though, lol. But, yeah, it's really easy to get mad about it. I'll keep it at to. THAT SHINY SHINX WILL BE YOURS!!!

    Oh, and really, don't worry about it ^_^ My spelling isn't that great either... At all. So, I don't mind any ;)
    Really?? Aw, that really sucks... Sorry about that... I tried chaining for one yesterday ^_^ It broke at 17... so, yeah, I'm not very good if you haven't already noticed. I suppose I'll keep trying, though!
    Meh, I'd be happy to trade ;) but I can see that you'd want to do it yourself... I've tried chaining a few times, all ending in failure :p My highest one was 16 Voltorb... far from being a success... I really want a shiny Electrode though :3
    Heya! If you need help I could... er... try to help... not sure how well that would work out though >.< Yeah, Shinx are awesome XP But.. I'd probably evolve it into a shiny Luxray ^_^
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