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  • Lol, I know what you mean. Even though it's tiring, work makes me happy because I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. Schoolwork, however.... is just annoying as hell. xD

    You should stop by skype sometime. :) Lately I've only been on in the evenings because of work.
    I'm okay. I've been busy this week because I got a subbing job for this week. Extra money is always nice though! How is work going for you?
    Hey Hellion! I hope that all is well with your life and your job.

    I was wondering.... Since you've played a lot of Mafia games in The War Room before, would you be interested in playing my Pokemon Best Wishes! Mafia?
    I'm good, I'm having fun. XD Work's tiring, but weirdly fulfilling. I didn't think it'd be like that but I'm kinda being given more and more responsibilities, including managing a team. So, I'm just finding a niche for myself in the structure where I can ask for a title change and a raise. :D
    So the battle wasn't completely one-sided prior to evolution? I'm somwhat surprised. (Hasn't really seen episode yet.)
    Hey now, I've ALWAYS spelled "definitely" correctly! :p /ttly not a VM stalker

    Ditto on having a good laugh when it's spelled as "defiantly", though. XD Oh, the little things that make me laugh about this trainwreck of a series and the discussions that spawn from it. ♥
    W/e the case I think we can just say this tournament has been balls. Over at Sppf now some people are complaining about Serperior being overpowered. The Iris stans think she is being treated unfairly, and that Dragonite is a legit capture/ completely fair. People don't like Krokorok evolving, saying it's hax..while others are saying it's legit. etc, etc.
    I just find it funny they are giving Iris free power, like they don't even give a fuck anymore. Oh she doesn't have a fully evolved Dragon? Lulz let's just give her a Dragonite that's near immune to Ice Attacks, and can battle legendaries on equal footing. Screw her having to work for it lololololol. And people have the nerve to call Krokorok cheap, oh lol.
    I think the whole DEM stigma comes from the fact that a few people see that Krokorok would deifnately have lost to Dragonite if not for the "reliance/convenience" on the evolutions boost in power. Viewing the dramatic shift, and potential OHKOing of Dragonite in the battle as still in one of the DEM category's.
    It's funny an Iris fan is happy that Dragonite loses to, in his opinion "DEM asspull" instead of with legit strategy.

    I guess some people really don't understand that none of Ash's Pokemon in their current state could have beaten Dragonite. Hence the evolution.
    I find it funny that some people are calling Krokorok "hax". Saying that getting a 600 BST Pokemom before a tournament and advancing is just the same as winning via evolution (even though Krokorok has had actual training.)
    At first I thought it was pointless of me to have screencapped your original comment since you already had it saved yourself. :p Good thing I didn't delete them! Also a good thing I didn't crop them like I normally do when I screencap comments/posts on forums.
    I love the way you just had to repost your Iris argument from another blog into your own just so more people could see it. You just couldn't bear the thought that some people couldn't see your rant in a random blog so you needed to make it more visible.

    What a ranting fiend you are, Hellion, you just couldn't resist, could you? :D
    Sorry! I know I'm really really late on this. Sorry that you had to resign. For what it's worth, I thought you've done a terrific job as a moderator.
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