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As a Japanese expatriate/immigrant living in Sydney (now an Australian permanent resident), I welcome you to my humble abode. My life actually straddles in three countries: Japan (where I was born), USA (lived in 1992-96), and Australia (2004-present). I actually started being a fan of Pokémon when all of my American friends started to join the Pokemania in 1999, and while I had a break from it between Gen 3-5, I came back for Gen 6. I will be looking forward to Sun and Moon - though parts of me will always be attached to Gen 2/6.

Video games
While I am not as much of a fan for Nintendo like I used to, the majority of games that I play to this day are from the company. When I was a child, I played a lot of Super Mario, before moving to Pokémon. Now, I regained my interest in Pokémon, and I am planning to play catch-up with Fire Emblem and Zelda. (As for Mario, I've lost a lot of love over the years, and I now refuse to touch any of their games anymore. Related to that, I also refuse to touch any of the Smash Bros games except N64.)

Fire Emblem
I started playing Fire Emblem after I heard about the games in a Japanese Nintendo-related magazine in 2002, thus starting with Binding Blade. Currently, I am also currently working on my LP for Conquest...with an ironic twist. The twist is that Hoshido is an evil country of Axial dictatorship and tyranny, while (the United States of) Nohr is on the good side, hoping to be the beacon of Allied democracy. Yep, you guessed it, I've taken creative liberties to frame Conquest's story within WWII's Pacific Theatre! The irony kicks in when it's a Japanese-born gamer doing this. Link: Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - with WW2 Pacific Theatre spoofs! - Let's Play/Streams

PS Last week, I now have 5,000 views for my LP thread, to commemorate and give thanks: [spoilers]

Pokémon Anime
While I've mostly moved on from the Pokémon Anime, I still sometimes see trailers for episodes and movies. Even though I haven't seen XY all that much, I have a soft spot for Amourshipping. I do sometimes wish I could escape into the Animeverse from the sometime complicated life I have in the real world, in fact. I still have fond memories of Ash, Misty, and Brock, and especially their adventures in Movie 3. (I am also hoping to write a crossover featuring Fire Emblem: Binding Blade's story in a present-day Pokémon Anime setting.)

Favourite Shippings
I generally don't get too hyped with shipping in general, but even I have some exceptions. They are:
  • Ash x Serena (Pokemon XY Anime - Amourshipping)
  • Lance x Diantha (Pokémon generally - The Champions' version of Amourshipping)
  • Arthur x Azura (FE Fates)
  • Robin x Cherche (FE Awakening)
  • Roy x Lilina (FE Binding Blade)
  • Link x Malon (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

As for platonic friendships that I enjoyed watching (non-romantic A-supports in Fire Emblem):
  • Ash/Gary (Pokemon Anime - at the end of the Silver Conference and onwards)
  • Arthur/Azama (FE Fates)
  • Elise/Ryoma and Sakura/Xander (FE Fates) - their C-to-A-supports are great, but their S-support, I find very uncomfortable due to the large age gap.
  • Donnel/Kellam, surprisingly enough (FE Awakening)
  • Dieck/Rutger (FE Binding Blade)
  • Link/Zelda (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Real world stuff
As for my real world stuff, I studied Architecture (both Bachelor and Master) at the University of Melbourne in 2006-2012, and also Master of Heritage Conservation at University of Sydney in 2012-2016. I actually prefer to repair with vintage of yesteryear instead of designing the cutting edge. I'm also planning to publish works on my research on heritage conservation in Japan - starting with the Tokyo Station restoration project (2007-2012), which I wrote in Semester 1, 2016, my final days at Sydney University.

As for my hobbies aside video games, I like:
  • reading and learning about history,
  • cycling around,
  • sketching buildings and artwork, and
  • playing my clarinet
Jul 2, 1987 (Age: 33)
Sydney, Australia. (Hometown: Tokyo, Japan)
Favorite Generation
Generation II (Game Boy Color)
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Lumiose City Voltage Badge
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code


Fire Emblem Conquest LP - over at Serenes Forest - Ch 24 Gameplay Updated
henrymidfield's pencil sketches at Bulbapedia
Official claimer of Leaf, Misty, Caeda (Fire Emblem), and Paula (Earthbound)!


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