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  • Lot of your ideas are really good. Some of things you come up with are much more innovative and engaging than what writers are capable or willing to deliver with their story and characters., Budget and resources obviously aren't issue, hence making it all that more frustrating that so much unlimited potential this anime has isn't properly used,. With writers skipping on so many opportunities.

    In fact i dont even think whole season for older character return isn't even much if adequately organized with previous Ash friends storylines and reunions being constructed in such a way that their life paths could intertwine in spontaneous, believable manner. Along with creating episodes, competitions and adventure through which both main plot and Ash story along with previous main characters storylines could be tied into receiving benefit from it.

    Why not implement concept of cast rotation bringing replaced main characters in new generations to advance their dreams, explore more on past and promote new games when they appear through older games remakesw or in new ones like BW2 games with world tournament were? Having for main region Ash,. one new character and one older character taking advantage of history and friendship which there exists between Ash and older companion bringing more stable continuity based stoiry. Following tougher, experienced and with basics covered traveling companion who is ready to step up and go on bigger, more challenging growth, introspection of his own feelings and emotions, more engaging battles and more complex storyline.

    With older companions like Misty, May, Brock etc we wouldn't be seeing them learning how to battle, just getting their first pokemon etc. No we could actually see sequels in using previously acquired knowpedge in new situations, add more depth to already developed friendship with Ash.
    Such as being put on test to see if they can overcome their differences, learn new things about themselves with bond becoming stronger?
    And enter various competitions which test her knowledge, relationship with pokemon and skills on various terrains such as underwater battling, battling on mix of water and dry land having to adapt to new situations, on fire ground etc with her results, speed and resourcefulness determining if she would end up choosed as E4 apprentice eventually. Which would be massive step in making her come closer toward becoming master of water pokemon and create fun, creative arc through which we could see her develop more.

    What do you think?
    Hi man, i have some very important question to ask you.

    I know we both share quite similar views on pokemon, so i was wandering something. If you could answer me it would be great.:-D

    How would you feel if one of Ash older travel companions return to pokemon series. Not for 1 to 2 episodes short cameo. But for whole season with length of 30 to 45 episodes?
    Like Misty for example?

    I mean realistically Misty cannot become water pokemon master if she never goes on longer journey again to learn from other experts how to unlock full power of water pokemon like E4 Siebold. To develop more innovative strategy and compete in prestigue water tournaments which brings you closer toward this title. This was accented in Whirl Cup through prpf. Elm and sea priestess Maya explaining connection between title "Alpha Omega of water pokemon"winner of tournament gets being one of things water master from past times contained with there existing tournaments you need to enter and win to become master and recognized as recognized top water trainer.

    Personally i think it would be great to see Misty come back for longer, enjoy in restore of friendship with Ash remembering on past moments and revive that feisty spark between them, explore on interactions with new characters and bring with her badass pokemon, learn more about her such as fear from bugs or why she wants to master water pokemon.

    Learn how to improve her skills and make pokemon stronger, such as Psyduck teaching him how to swim and battle. While going on special quest to train,enter tournaments and disciver new ways of upgrading pokemon. Such as mega evolution going through struggle with her Gyarados with both working on synchronizing themselves to work as one team leading to his power up eventually.
    For example why not made episode where Jessie, James and Meowth endure real injury after being shocked, burned, slammed with powerful water gun or water pulse, beaten to death with submission, karatechop or body slam. Ending in hospital or wearing bandages deciding to call of Pikachu chasing until they recover or pondering if getting trounced so much is worth it? It would make things more realistic, symphatetic and exciting to follow.
    Yeah i know, its frustrating. I posted on several blog entries and not even single one showed my posts. I spent time in writing down my thoughts for nothing lol.
    I checked your new blog and you have some very unique storylines in how to make TR role feel more content filled and relevant.

    As for your question if your looking for examples of Genre Saviness most of them came from Misty in OS. She quite a few times unmasked Jessie, James and Meowth behind their disguise cothes or just grumbled knowing what is going to happen. Like exposing their cover in "Heartbreak of Brock" ,in "Battle Aboard St. Anne", being suspicious of them in "Enlighten Up" knowing in advance what to expect. Or when they kidnapped her with much better masks in Hoenn cameos regarding release of Togepi for example. But after her none of new girls was able to recognize TR behind their disguises or was able to expose their plan , nearly as much like this character did.

    Sometimes writers tried to do more diverse plots when TR is in question. Such as splitting them up ending with Ash and co with each side having to form truce to work their way out. Like when they ended separated in forest full of Ursaring during their mating season.

    When James turned back to Jessie and Meowth in episode joining Ash when they tried to steal pokemon from older couple in mansion where he used to reside as kid. Or JJM trio managing somehow to blast themselves when they were careless enough to lock themselves up in Sunnyshore tower messing things up in futile attempt to steal Ash Pikachu.

    Although big majority of time there is hardly any variety in TR machinations usually following predictable pattern of trying to steal Pikachu. Pikachu fires thunder which usually dont function because of electric absorbing net or giant mecha equiped with electric proof system. Couple of other pokemon joins to the rescue disabling their device freeing Pikachu who blast them of. And its getting really, really tiresome.
    Few days ago i noticed blog you created explaining reasons behind liking Misty and i want to say how i agree with every single thing you said, finding it as interesting and inspiring read.

    Tried to comment myself on it, but it seems blogs are experienxing malfunction of some sorts not allowing comments from other users sometime to show. So i decided to say my impression about it this way.
    Yeah i agree. I always liked how anime didn't followed game mechanic so strictly trewating pokemon more like consciousness creatures. Which can think for themselves with TM, EV or IV values statistically wise along with type advantage not meaning everything. Being possible for pokemon to resist more than someone would expect based on his fighting spirit, persistence and desire not to fail down his trainer. This especially becomes evident to me when Sceptile or Infernape should have been down for the count in battle vs Paul or Tobias. But through incredible will and effort they managed to continue standing with writers portraying through blurred vision and undulation perfectly how much good training and pokenmon courage allows to exceed their own limits.

    Or how good skill, strategy and courage allows pokemon to defeat other ones which type wise and statustically have massive adsvantage. Managing somehow to overcome that and win battle despite being in inferior position.

    Thats one of beauties in battles this show can provide making it more realistic and unpredictable.

    In games, its not so often that pokemon with type disadvantage and at lower level defeats pokemon which has upper hand. It can happen, but its very rare if you get what i mean?

    p.s. Thank you for sending me friend request. Your a cool person, i enjoy talking to you and whats better way to get know each other better than through start of friendship? :)
    I gladly accepted it.

    Also sorry if it seems like i rumble sometime, especially regarding Misty and her return to anime.

    Sweet dreams and see ya later man.
    p.s. OMG mega Gyarados survived Raichu hit? Wow that thing is real monster. I dont play pokemon games anymotre so im not much famiuliar with modern strategies(used to be meta gamer but work and other obligations are eating lot of time nowadays so i kinda distanced myself from it). Hehe now i want even more to see Misty learning how to connect with her Gyarados on even closer level awakening in it its full strength evolving to more powerful form. Because understanding your pokemon emotions and reaching to their hearts on very close level developing powerful bond is needed to achieve such upgrade.

    Even in regular form Gyarados is capable of standing up to electric types. I mean in anime one thunder is never enough to knock him down despite having 4x disadvantage. And that Red Gyarados Lance caught whitstood multiple electric attacks not fainting him out. Though i think that phenomenon happened because he was in full rage mode going completely crazy and berserk there increasing his resistance and amount of damage he could take.
    I know, but can you blame me as Misty fan for wanting her back as main character again? :p
    I mean i don't see anything wrong in Misty leaving using collected knowledge at gym and increase in selfawareness she gained there to help her out in future ventures of stepping up as trainer going on higher posiution following Wallace and many other powerful trainers footsteps, breaking new grounds from what Whirl Cup established promoting herself worldwide and going through special training in vain of becoming E4. While enjoying in her brash, feminine and vibrant personality full of life going in new, thrilling adventures,renew on friendship with Ash remembering both good and bad times emphasizing on unity and continuity as whole. I see Misty return only as benefit, rather than hinderance to character.

    Writers could come up with some story where Misty joins Ash on her journey to go through rigorous trauining, battle evaluators and enter tournaments in company of her frienbds while going in same direction eventually ending as Lorelei or sime other high class water trainer apprentice leaving group at some point of journey(something like arc of 35 to 40 episodes would be really cool actually imo). And by tying her into E4 arc would make her both relevant to story and influence Ash growth by giving him insight in how E4 works getting to know their strength and weakness revealing to him more about ways how to earn right to challenge and beat them.:-D

    Why not?
    I know, world cup was total cop up in anime wasting it on provincial like Junior Cup to glorify Iris Dragonite. It wasn't even tournament on global basis since majority of participants aside from Dawn and Ash comes from Unova region. It was just glorified version of Don George battle club. Such wasted potential.

    So in your opinion does Misty have potential to become main character again? For season or two perhaps? I could list several possible scenarios through which she could get great character development and advance her goals which well cant be achieved if she rots all the time at gym helping lazy sisters out. Its like people forgot how Misty dream is to become water pokemon master and worldwide recognized trainer like her idol E4 Lorelei.

    p.,s. No problem, its fun talking with you as well. Wanna be friends? :)
    Sometime i feel im the only person left which wants Misty back or even gives 2 cents of her not being forgotten and receiving sequel to all that potential and unfinished story being great character. I mean am i the only one seeing in Misty character huge untapped potential to warrant sequel to her story being made? Story which was lets be realistic left unresolved.

    Writers have enough material to make Misty main character again with whole going on special quest to train and battle special pokemon agents, evaluators trying to be promoted to E4 member succeeding Lorelei. Or entering strong tournaments continuing on what sea priestess Maya in Whirl Cup said of wunning tournaments and showing your skills to others being mandatory to get recognized and acknowledged as world class water trsaner. Bringing you closer to water master title? With MIsty return we could get underwater battles which were never explored and utilized much ever since she left cast.

    Ironic thing is that Misty voice actor Mayumi IIzuka also want that Misty returns in pokemon series being ready to voice her again. She even asks people through twitter to not forget about Misty from pokemon being saddened about way Misty is ignored and buried in past.
    Shame how even voice actor isn't happy about Misty being all but forgotten.
    Its alright mate, i dont mind. You definitely have some great reasons of why you like Misty(although one small correction, Misty didn't won Whirl Cup water tournament;she came top 8).

    You know i think its a real shame that Misty wont most likely return in Kalos because it has so many great chances for her to play interesting role. Like meeting E4 Siebold who could teach her secrets in mastering water pokemon. Siebold is titled water pokemon master in games, first one from games that is so its nor hard to figure out why Misty would be thrilled to meet him. She could enter water tournament organized by him or Battle chateau to showcase her new skills, get noticed for her abilities making steps forward in becoming strongest water trainer in world(i mentioned battle chateau because it would be good opportunity to develop and find ways how to neutralize type disadvantage water pokemon have against some types).
    There is also Gyarados being amazing to see her learn how to mega evolve it learning to understand its nature and feelings on much closer level than ever before(which is expected from future master). :-D

    Not to mention she could really add more humor, sarcasm, clash and emotion in main cast with her witty quips, temperament outbursts, adventurous attitude and quirky lively side. Bringing more life in current main cast whuich lacks fire or any tension being too much peaceful currently. I imagine Bonnie could try to hook her up with Clemont feeling embarassed and awkward, there could be small strife between her and Serena showing jealousy, shock and her arrogant side(it does appear on surface when shes really uncomfortable with something) leading to small friction, later developing in strong friendship. With both girls finding common language and understanding(lets face it they both like Ash and thats not just friendship atachment).:p
    Hi, just wanted to thank you for compliments said in Kanto thread. Its nice to hear there are people which find appeal behind my ideas and thoughts.

    Its much appreciated and im glad you liked it. :)
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