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Recent content by henrymidfields

  1. henrymidfields

    Creating the History of Shoyo - Or why henrymidfields think RSE messed up Pokemon's worldbuilding, and ORAS did nothing to fix that.

    While that, I'm also posting backstories of Legendaries from Gen 1 to 3 that I previously wrote:
  2. henrymidfields

    Your Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    I actually think Tidus (and Yuna) are like two parts of the Jesus story. And Tidus is essentially the fiercer side of Jesus who sees the hypocrisy in the Pharisee/Yevonite priestdom. In related to the above, I actually think Final Fantasy 10 is one of the few JRPGs that actually acknowledges...
  3. henrymidfields

    What are your game headcanons?

    Here's what I've collected so far: General stuff: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and other places form the country of Shoyo, the Pokeverse version of Japan. Her capital is Yamabuki (Saffron) City. The Japanese original names are canon for people and cities, with some exceptions. Shoyo means...
  4. henrymidfields

    Creating the History of Shoyo - Or why henrymidfields think RSE messed up Pokemon's worldbuilding, and ORAS did nothing to fix that.

    So my past entry of Poke!Japan in the previous version of the blogs have been inaccessible for a while, so I'm going to repost whatever I have saved onto this blog thread. I was quite intrigued to first see Pokemon as an alternate version of real-life Earth when the Pokemon craze came out in...
  5. henrymidfields

    Nintendo Directs Thread

    As for Link's Awakening, I hope that the added content includes a modernisation of the story, which would be barebones by today's standards. Adding some much needed lore of the Wind Fish and the Nightmares, and adding more dialogue elabourating character's personality would be much needed. Bring...
  6. henrymidfields

    Your first RPG game(s)

    A true RPG game (besides Pokemon)? Final Fantasy 10 for the PS2, and I was quite surprised how many aspects of the story runs parallel to the Jesus in the Bible!
  7. henrymidfields

    Your Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    One of the two reasons why I liked Ashley Burch voicing post-P4!Rise instead of Rie Kugimiya. (Seriously, either Rie should have toned down Rise's chipmunky Japanese voice, or Nana Mizuki should have voiced her (somewhat like P5's Ann Takamaki) instead!) I think the combat system in FF13 is...
  8. henrymidfields

    Dump: Modern History of Galar, under the United Kingdom of Saxceltia

    Galar is one of four former kingdoms that now forms the United Kingdom of Saxceltia and Northern Hibernia. From its humble days of starting up as a Roman outpost amongst the native Celtic tribes, the Saxceltian Isles grew into the biggest Empire that the world has ever known, with colonies in...
  9. henrymidfields

    About difficulty and art style of Sword/Shield

    Same here, actually. I actually lost interest in Sun and Moon, especially after playing RPGs that had a "Very Easy"option (Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4), or battles that generally be over quicker (Final Fantasy 13). Just because we're adults does not always mean we can afford a challenge -...
  10. henrymidfields

    Things you want to see done in Pokemon Gen 8 (2019)

    I just hope the battles for this one would be easier and quicker than Sun and Moon. Or at least an option would be available, and the easiest option has the battles more straightforward with simple type machups like in the earlier Gens. I'm really thinking about using my Gen 5-6 Pokemon from the...
  11. henrymidfields

    Your Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    Persona 4 Dancing All Night is the only rhythm game I have been interested in. Persona 4 is actually one of those games that I did not mind the number of spin-offs. It throroughly deserves its popularity. Rise in the entire Personaverse is a character that really benifitted from having Ashly...
  12. henrymidfields

    Books Your Unpopular Book/Literature Opinions

    I just cannot bring myself to read anything beyond Book 3 of Harry Potter. I mean, what is with the sudden jump in word count and length?? Where there seem to be a lot of alternate history literature regarding an Axis victory (Man in the High Castle etc), I'd like to see one where Germany or...
  13. henrymidfields

    What video games are you playing now?

    Will be continuing Persona 3 Portable soon! I'm currently just before the Golden Week in May 2009.
  14. henrymidfields

    What future video games are you currently looking forward to?

    Catherine: Full Body, courtesy by a glowing review of the original from SuperButterBuns. The original, however, has a notorious difficulty that scared me off from playing, and is also not available on the PS Vita. The remake will be having a better difficulty setting, so I'll definitely be...
  15. henrymidfields

    Will we FINALLY get difficultly levels in Gen 8?

    I actually wouldn't mind. Though, in my case, I want an easier option so that I can breeze through the game without fucking around doing level grinding. Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean I want an extra challenge - I've got an actual life outside games, and they come with commitments.