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Favorite Generation
Generation III (Game Boy Advance)
Favorite Generation 1 Pokémon
Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon
Feraligatr / Ordile
Favorite Generation 3 Pokémon
Aggron / Bossgodora
Favorite Generation 4 Pokémon
Purugly / Bunyatto
Favorite Generation 5 Pokémon
Throh / Nageki
Favorite Generation 6 Pokémon
Hawlucha / Luchabull
Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon
Decidueye / Junaiper
Favorite Mega Evolution
Mega Aggron
Favorite Alolan Form
Alolan Dugtrio
Favorite Region
Hoenn / Hōen
Favorite Gym Badge
Fortree City Feather Badge
Favorite Pokémon Type
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code


FSF Returns


Click here to view a fanfic of my crossover OTP : Beastman (F-Zero) and Mars (Pokémon).

3DS FC : 0216 - 1196 - 1513, ingame name is WILFRID (Pokémon Y)
I'll rebuild this signature once I figure out a good image for that. :<


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