• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.
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  • Personally, I don't want it to be a Flying-type. If it is, I will be disappointed, because I was expecting a Flying-type Eeveelution to have wings.
    Title List

    Elite Four Member: Jokool; Elite Four Servant: Alaskapigeon
    Gym Leader: TheCapsFan; Co-Gym Trainers: Ruboo and Gliscor'd
    Challenger: Caprizant; Badge Check Guard: Misheard Whisper
    Trainer: Water Max; Youngster: Jam Scone
    Poke Nurse:
    Pokemart Cashier:
    This round is about who wins the title of Coordinator. I want to win the one for Cashier.
    Yeah, it's not really something to get worked up over. I'm hoping to lose until the cashier round, win that round, and then win the last round because I think it would be funny for the cashier to win in the end. xD
    Nominees aren't required to participate in the game, so it's more of a casual mention. I think Berrenta nominated you just to be friendly. ^^
    Sorry to sound antagonistic, but I don't want to get involved any further into this. While I don't mind being nominated for something, I'd have preferred to be asked first if I wanted to be part of all this.

    Is something troubling you about the game? (If you'd rather talk about it in private I can delete this VM and discuss things in a PM.)
    I love Espeon too. My favourite Eeveelution, tied with Umbreon. I simply couldn't decide which of the two I liked the most. Although I appreciate the whole Eevee family in general.
    My beloved type is Psychic. That's because I'm a fan of psychic powers, of course. The entirety of such category of Pokémon belongs to my favourites, except for a few ones (Sigilyph, for example... whenever I see it, my brain goes "what is this I don't even"... seriously, what did the creators have in mind when they designed that thing?).
    My favourite Pokémon of all times is Lugia. I find it to be the most fascinating creature in the Pokémon universe. Plus, its characteristics and legends are strongly representative of my personality.
    Interesting. I might take a look at your fanfic when I have more time.
    As for me, I support many ships outside of Pokémon too. However, the list would become too long if I talk about those, so it's probably best to stay focused on Pokémon for now. There's a post in the thread called "Your Shipping List" which contains all of my yuri ships from this franchise, complete with explanations. You can go read it if you're curious (unless you already did).
    I have an account on Pixiv, I already know how everything works, but thanks anyway, especially considering you took the time to write all that.
    By the way, I'm wondering, doesn't the French translation get a bit awkward at times? I remember you submitting a ship name based on a translation mishap. If I'm not mistaken, it involved Ethan and some other trainer (a Bug Catcher, I think?) who says "I love you" in French after the battle, LOL. Oh well, it's not so bad. More exploitable dialogue for shippers, haha! In fact, that KamiFuu one was very cute!
    How nice of you to show me that fan art. I had never seen it before. You guessed it right, anything concerning Kamitsure x Fuuro picks up my interest. I bet you saw my thread for it in the shipping section?
    i still wonder why i still watch it.lol
    just send me a VM if i use a character you dont know who it is
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