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  • The original one's ending kinda sucks, because you can't save after the final boss fight. >:/ But otherwise it's still a very fun game. My favorite (as of right now) is the second game, but we'll see what happens with the fourth installment.
    Ah, so hype ruined the opposite set of games for us. xD

    They're not my favorites, but I don't hate any of them. That said, Aipom was much cuter prior to evolution. And in the anime it was also a balloon. xD

    Very nice~
    If it wasn't for the hype I wouldn't have minded, since Pokémon isn't exactly know for its 'driving plots'. Now I know it's better to stay away from news regarding it until I have the game in my hands. xD
    At first I disliked them, but after awhile they grew on me because of the Striaton Bros. Still think they're cuter unevolved, though I agree with you that Simsage is the best of the evolved bunch. But yeah, we got more than enough monkeys now.
    One hit? Dang, was it a critical?
    There's always that honeymoon period with a new main game; a whole new region to explore, a new team to make, a new evil team to take down, etc.

    But it seems with each new one that period becomes more short-lived. Or maybe it was just with this gen. With all the hype the plot got (something about GF working for a year and a half on it), I wasn't very impressed with it. Liked the new Pogeys though.
    HG may just be my favorite main series game now. It can't entirely capture the initial feelings I had when I first played Silver many years ago, but it comes really close. I didn't care as much for BW as I do for HGSS.
    I know, I engage in it all the time. xD Also know as 'fanon'.
    Didn't hear about the Falcon-Ganondorf connection though. totally canon xD
    And they're both Nintendo series. Seems I was right, you did know. xP

    I remember hearing some explanation that after he got stuck in that black hole dealy in the original SNES game he somehow became a human and started racing.
    We measure from the first visible pixel to the last one.

    and my bad, I meant it was 78 pixels over the limit, not 98. >.< Just like it says in the pic. (if you right click and then hit "view image info" it tells you how big it is too)

    But you're all good now. ^^
    It's 98 pixels over the width limit. I just wanted to doublecheck with you to make sure my laptop didn't lay it out in a weird way since text adapts to the screen. ^^;
    Good call. He won't remember it much anyways, and he's probably happier playing with the boxes the toys come in than the toys themselves at this point.

    Now it's 698 x 98.
    This is how I see it. Is that how the text lays out for you too?
    Did you get him a lot of presents?

    That's what threw me off at first until I started a new train of thought. xD

    Nah, that would be for sigs over 300 pixels high. xD Yours isn't too bad, having everything in size 1 font should put it within the limit.
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