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  • Good call. He won't remember it much anyways, and he's probably happier playing with the boxes the toys come in than the toys themselves at this point.

    Now it's 698 x 98.
    This is how I see it. Is that how the text lays out for you too?
    Did you get him a lot of presents?

    That's what threw me off at first until I started a new train of thought. xD

    Nah, that would be for sigs over 300 pixels high. xD Yours isn't too bad, having everything in size 1 font should put it within the limit.
    Aw is this your first time being an uncle? :3c

    LittleGreenMen? As in Mars being related to space -> aliens -> aliens of the little green variety? If so that's getting really creative. xD

    And just a heads up, your sig is 15 pixels too high. ^^;
    ^^; There's still not much to go on. Even after reading his bio, I don't feel I can even begin throwing out names. You really might be better asking someone who knows both, I'm afraid.
    @@ Sorry for the late reply.

    Crossovers are usually not my area of expertise, since it takes actual knowledge of both parties, and I know nothing of F-Zero. ^^; I don't think I can help, in this case.
    Oh, o_O my apologies. My down-size in rank meant a down-size in how many PMs my folder will take. It'll probably be a while before I can get any of those. So what are you looking for?
    First pairings can be quite special. :) Believe the first one I ever actively supported was Advanceshipping.

    The only F-Zero game I played was the one for the N64, so I'm not very familiar with the story behind the characters. ^^;
    Hey there!

    Just a note, the signature limit is 600 pixels wide by 160 pixels high. Yours is 932 x 257. Please adjust your sig accordingly.

    Thank you. :)
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