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  • Hi, I should be on early today around the time you specified. I'm available now, so I'll check my PSS
    Peach for me >w< Have you tried fruit cakes? Well with cover, I had once the other time with chantilly and the upper part had kiwi, canned peach and strawberry. I almost died :')
    Hey, I had car problems today and wasn't able to go online. I have Thursday off, just let me know a good time to trade. Thanks.
    Hi, I'm working nights Wednesday and I have Thursday and Friday off. I will be able to trade Wednesday 9:45pm - 11:30pm your time (3:45pm - 5:30pm Eastern). Let me know if Wednesday is still good or if Thurs/Fri would be a better option. Thanks.
    Ohhh my xDxDDD I am slow when it comes to those jokes sorry .w. *notes down joke to steal*

    Except love? :eek:
    D; That's horrible!
    Shuckle used Shell Smash!
    Shuckle's Atk and Sp Atk harshly fell!
    Shuckle's Def and Sp Def raised!
    Skarmiri :B A smaller birdie hue hue

    That side of you kills me XD
    Surf? o.o Hmm tho thinking carefully it doesn't have a x4 weakness. So surf then! :p
    Some people wants that to happen tho I don't want it qwq

    Ya bet xD blushing sharks.. I am gonna send my friend this! Is there any for tsundere herbs? XD
    What about Shuckle tho? :p
    It might get allowed depending on the stats :eek:

    O.O What on earth.... "Sempai *chomp*" I am so confused... Where are we? .......I can't understand XDDD
    Hey Herbizarre, thanks for the update. I was wondering if you would be open to a trade around 7am - 8am, your time (which should be 1am -2am Eastern). I'm working 12 hour shifts during the day, so I figured this might be a convenient time to trade. If this time works, just let me know which day works best for you. Thanks.
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