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  • Hey Herbizarre, thanks for the update. I was wondering if you would be open to a trade around 7am - 8am, your time (which should be 1am -2am Eastern). I'm working 12 hour shifts during the day, so I figured this might be a convenient time to trade. If this time works, just let me know which day works best for you. Thanks.
    Hey I really can't do much today, but if you can show up at the same time as you messaged me today I can trade. I pretty much work all day this whole week, so that's pretty much the only time I'll be ready.
    Do you like it? :3

    What if it has over 9000 defenses? :eek: jk since it's the first stage it's not gonna be that good heh

    Tsundere sharks? o_O
    Ack... true .w. ; curry then!

    What if it has OP sp def? :eek:

    Pfft that made me laugh :p It's cute to be tsundere once in a while. N-not that you are cute or anything..! I don't like you at all [tsundere mode-off]
    I'm available until 6 pm CST today, and until 5 pm CST tomorrow. Just tell me whatever time works for you!
    Okay you are lemon then :T

    If it is indestructible like cell we are screwed xD

    Awww and you don't admit you are sweet *pokes your cheek* I hope he gets back :D
    Hey Herbizarre, would you be available this Sunday (9/27) after 1pm (Eastern) which should be about 7pm your time?
    I'm sorry man, I got school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't trade till 4 my time, which is 12 your time
    You are too sweet for that xD

    I don't see many similarities besides color .w.

    Why ya restarting your game btw? :O
    You creeped me out xD If you can actually laugh like any of them you'd be an evil Master.

    No love for the blob? :c With how cute it is? :p
    Hey, saw your message and see that you are still online. I'll be online for awhile, if you're still available to trade. Thanks.
    EEKKKKKK! Herbizarrre you are gonna pay ====== #qwq)/ *dashes and throws the money*

    Oh :c We have yet to see if the game is actually good heh. Which one of the forms did you like the most? : 3
    You no fun dude, gimme da cash :B

    Yaaaaaaay~~~ I am gonna buy looooooooootsa burn heals from the Burn Heal emphorium. I am sure Herbi will be happy to get back his money :p

    Hyped about Pokemon Go or Zygarde? :eek:
    True.. You can fix any security bug too .w. Can I work for you? I will be able to hard or check the password that way hue hue

    Sorry >o< I was just happy. Just worry about eating and replying to me :B
    I can hack it you know :p

    You xD You said you had a lot. That's why I need to take it! I am a modern Robin Hood~
    Ohhh congratulations ^^ hugs tighlty o/ PARTYYYYYY! The good thing is having it imo. And everything will come in time so don't worry ^^
    You will go bankrupt too soon xD

    O.O I NEED MORE POKEDOLLARS. I spent too much money
    How have you been btw? :3
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