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Recent content by Herbizarre

  1. Herbizarre

    Underappreciated and Overappreciated Shinies

    Underappreciated : Nidoking. Overappreciated : Umbreon.
  2. Herbizarre

    Help! I chucked out my everstone on ORAS :(

    Roggenrola may not be available until the end of the Team Aqua/Magma plot. Wild Geodudes can hold the Everstone, however. Same goes for Graveler, but I don't know if the latter is available in the wild.
  3. Herbizarre

    Why do some people think oras is the worst remake?

    I liked ORAS. Considering my favorite Pokémon was in Ruby / Sapphire and I never had Emerald, I didn't have much to nitpick about, except maybe the re-inclusion of the Sevii Islands (being present in FRLG and how finishing the post-game quest led to being able to trade with RSE players, it'd...
  4. Herbizarre

    Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

    Nope. Zubat ?
  5. Herbizarre

    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    As for me, I decided to go with Guzma & Golisopod for MegalovaniaShipping.
  6. Herbizarre

    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    You could go with "PierreFoudreShipping" (Thunder Stone in french). I need some help in choosing a pair for that name : "MegalovaniaShipping". I'm hesitating between Charon & Guzma, or Guzma & Golisopod. The former because it ties in the origins of the Megalovania song with its more recent...
  7. Herbizarre

    Your Shipping List

    I've already posted my list of ships before on page 6, so I'll only do small additions. Games
  8. Herbizarre

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    A minor FFFUUU, but finding out Apricorn Balls only come in 1 of each in Sun/Moon. I've wasted a Moon Ball on a female Mimikyu, but at least I got it in a Level Ball, hence the reason it's a minor FFFUUU.
  9. Herbizarre

    SV Exchange - Flawless Shinies And Where To Find Them

    Ah, a repository. A nice idea, too. My TSV on Pokémon Y is 4079 (it was checked a long time ago). I need to see for my Moon game too, but later on when I actually finish the game.
  10. Herbizarre

    LF Jirachi -- Trading HA & IV Bred Pokemon

    That's fine by me. I can send you a shiny Magmar and a filler Pokémon for the rest. You tell me when you're available :)
  11. Herbizarre

    LF Jirachi -- Trading HA & IV Bred Pokemon

    I would like to have the following : Blue Shellos, Cranidos and Nincada. I have Landorus, Cresselia and Kyurem avaiable, all from my White & Black 2 games. My FC is in my signature.
  12. Herbizarre

    Global Trade Station Helpdesk & Feedback

    I don't know where to ask this, so here I go : I want to know my Trainer Shiny Value on my Omega Ruby game that I restarted a long time ago and only got back on recently. Is this a service that can be done in the Bulbagarden Trade Station forums ?
  13. Herbizarre

    I just simply CAN'T win battles agaisn't other players

    I'm not into competitive battle, though I do know the essential about EV training and IV breeding. The easiest of the two is EV training, since Horde Battles makes it so much easier to do. I'm pointing you towards this thread for this part (you're playing Y and this is a guide for XY. Perfect...
  14. Herbizarre

    Looking for 5IVs for breeding

    Honestly, send me anything you want : I'm trying to make as much room as possible in my boxes. XD How about we trade in 8 hours as of this post ?
  15. Herbizarre

    Looking for 5IVs for breeding

    I've got quite a few Timid Amaura breedjects (almost a whole box of perfect 5ivs and a few 6v).My FC is in my signature, but I don't know what's your timezone. Mine is UTC+1 Paris.