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  • I checked around a bit more and in Random Images we use the 500 x 500 px rule. This would apply just about anywhere else I believe, but nobody's going to be measuring your posts to the pixel and most likely if you do post something too large a mod will just edit your post to add a spoiler tag and possibly message you about it.
    Ahh, so nerve-wracking. XD Even though it's a sport, fencing is one of those sports you can't win by just brute strength, which is why i always found it interesting.

    Oh, sure! What's it called?
    I don't believe we have a hard and fast rule, but in general I think a good guideline is around 500x500 pixels max. Definitely spoiler it if it stretches the page or can't fit on a screen at 100%, and probably a bit smaller than that. The spoiler threshold for gifs tends to be a bit smaller since they are bigger files.
    Hmm... that's really interesting! I don't know much about fencing tbh. You played three periods though... that must've been nerve-wracking to say the least. Still an accomplishment! ... Did you really mean the grandma part? That lady must've been amazingly fit for her age.. LOL. XD
    Yessirie. XD It's pretty useful if you plan on starting one lol. :p How long have you practised the art of fencing btw? ^^
    Well you have to be able to present company information in different ways (i.e. for investors vs for managers) and prepare reports about how healthy the business is and give managers advice, so a lot of it is analytical stuff you have to do. There are lots of estimates involved. XD
    Oh no... everyone thinks accounting is just math... it's far from it! XD Making spreadsheets is just basic accounting you learn in first year, there's much more to it than that lol. :p
    Oh, that's nice! I actually wanted to do that. I'm in my third year of accounting, but I want to switch to programming or graphic design... but it's kinda too late to do that now. *sniff* And yeah... kinda not realistic to bank your whole future on sports. If only. XD
    It sounds awesome! Haha tell me about it... university hardly leaves time for anything anymore. >.< What are you studying if you don't mind me asking?
    Yeahhh, it was initially a Pokemon site but it's deviated from that... so the RP threads have nothing to do with Pokemon at all. XD Oooh haha, I don't know much about Megaten, I may check it out.
    I mostly RP on advancers.proboards.com, not sure if you've heard of it, it's another Pokemon forum. XD
    Ohh okay, thank goodness. That actually clears things up quite a bit, thank you so much! <3
    I've RPed on other websites with different rules.. But never on this one. Is it super strict here? XD
    RBY is the most beautiful RP i've ever been in. At first, I was expecting it to be serious, but now it is just amazing.
    Good day, sir. Sorry I was inactive in RBY RP this past weeks, I was on a vacation. My apologies, but yup, I'm home now and will start posting again
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