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  • So do you know how to contact beastmode953? He has been banned and I think I know for what post but I just wanted to ask him: For how long are you banned?

    If you can somehow contact him, just ask him that question for me and tell me his answer.
    To all Advanceshipping Nation Members:

    So its been a crazy couple of days but please don't take the moderators warning too harshly and most of all keep posting and keep Advanceshipping alive and kicking.

    Send it to me on Fanfiction. And remember to leave a review for subtle confession by s muffin. If people actually listened that fic could hit a hundred reviews. And ringer by midnightmoon602
    alright I've been searching for your avatar picture FOR FOREVER.
    You MUST, and I demand you MUST show em where to get it! ARghhhhhhhhhjkfsahgjkldnsh lkjaghgkjl raja kgdnf!!!!!!!
    ...sorry the inner demon in me took over ^^'
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