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  • The girl with the spider hat thing... what was she thinking?! And the yellow dress on the Queen was a bit bleh. Mrs Cameron looked very plain, which was disappointing. And I'd never want to wear what Harry was ever xD

    Lol, where did you fall asleep?

    Okay, I'm definetly gonna look up pictures when I wake tommorow xD LOL, I'm surprised that she bothered showing seeing as no one likes her.
    Any funny ones on the cycle?

    I think I need to sleep too xD
    xD I would never do it really.


    What sort of hats did they have? The Queen so should have slapped Kate silly or something.
    Taaaaaaack :p
    *goes to ban button :D*

    Kinda xD

    Ah, I had an assignment to do so I didn't catch the bbc stream or anything. I heard that the Queen was in a lime green dress?
    Grr :p

    Thank you! It's so weird seeing my name in italics when I'm so used to seeing it as normal. Chan thinks it looks weird though :|
    lol, thank you XD I pretty much had a nocturnal night yesterday, considering I slept for most of the day...might as well do something of use XD

    Happy Easter to you too!
    I'm afraid that my stories would bore them considering what type of boring person I am XD

    Awww...Yeah, I don't want to go on Skype all moody and pissy though, that's not fair XD Thank you, though! I saw :O You're doing better than me as of late, lol
    Meh, she seemed like a lame rehash of Harley to me.

    Yeah I know! He looks like the girl from 'Florence and the Machine' dressed liked that XD
    Awww...thanks for the support! What you're saying does make a lot of sense...I just hope it turns out that way, since I really do tend to drift apart from friends...

    I'll try! When I'm not dead - physically or emotionally XD
    Whitney's really cute, but Skyla is cuter. I think I'm just a bit obsessed with the pink hair. Saying that, it didn't make me like Ursula any more? :/
    I've already blitzed Pokemon White, It was really easy. Not anywhere near as good a HGSS, but worth getting if you decided to get a DS at some point.

    Did you watch Comic Relief? I had a little fangasm watching Noel Fielding dance to Wuthering Heights :p
    He IS a male Kate Bush!
    Ah, I've only got 6 months of uni left. Totally getting sick of the place now so i can't wait to leave. You playing the games? I've already completed White :/

    Isn't Skyla cooler than Whitney??? :0

    Okay, I'll leave now.
    Wait, psychologists don't control minds. Do they? :eek:

    If it's anything like the case study on babies and how they think...nah. :p But it would be fun to know the details.
    It's going on as usual. Nothing much happens around here. :p

    So, made any major progress in learning psychology?
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