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  • When are you on Skype anyway? I only caught Iteru once. Everyone else is just as active as ever. :p
    How's uni, Hestia? Since there wasn't any reply on Skype and I'm never on when you are, so....
    I-I am prepared! Just this once, I don't have it! Oh, that's true, that's very true. (So they'll be here forever, huh?)

    *headdesks forever* but when we turn their logic against them, they just don't get it, sadly. It goes right over their head.

    That's fine. I should be busy studying for exams myself but I'm taking a break xD What are you studying anyway?
    I threw up on the first morning xD
    Erm, it's been mixed kinda. I don't think I'm as confident as you around new people so I've been a bit more subdued and stuff. My flatmates are all really nice and are trying to make me welcome so that's really nice. They've all been here a day longer so I felt a bit awkward at first but they're cool. Have you been getting pissed every night?
    *searches through pockets* Hm. No masterball. Okay, now, how do we lure it out? Making a board such as "So, Misty hasn't appeared at all in DP"? WE'LL BE THE VERY BEST THAT NO ONE EVER WAS. (I just...why. WHY. Can't he go join all the other Misties in ditching this place forever? :/ One, ONE offhand comment about Misty and *cries*)

    ...no, I think the bad grammar is chipping away at my will. SOME ONE SAAAVEEEE ME While it sucks that they don't care about the older viewers that have been with the series from the very beginning, people just need to accept it already - the world doesn't revolve around them. I'm sick of the argument that "you don't know how many out there who blah blah blah". The internet is a very small world.
    We must capture this elusive creature and use its powers for our own personal gain. We shall unleash it on the crazies that have stopped being hilarious and sit back and enjoy the rampant stupidity that will be swept away in its destruction and enjoy their pain our pure hearts will finally be at ease.(*already rampaging in that thread linked* Do I sound angry? I sound angry in that thread, don't I? I'm more exspaserated more than anything though But ohwell. *rampages*)

    And boombs away. Lets see if it works for a second time 8D You know. I really have to wonder - when will people on the internet learn that we are a very tiny portion of the actual fanbase? Very very tiny. We're barely a blip on the radar. Are people that self-centered and ego-centric that they believe the entire fanbase and thus, the ratings of a show, revolves around them? And internet petitions. Internet petitions...B|
    xDD That's probably it. But what is this mysterious creature that is destroying potentially hilarious threadds? ...must we fear it?(I am Muku.Bird. DESTROYER OF THREADS. BOW DOWN TO ME)

    Sure, send me off to all the threads that are in need of exploding and I'll drop a 'jesus christ'
    LMAO I was wondering where the thread vanished to. Or why it vanished. Was it because the 'lords name' was brought up? /confused

    Is that so. Well, I'll be sure to say it more and more and more and more often then :|

    Thank you <3
    As I said I watched BW 1-2
    I'll be back soon, though I'm really feeling like I can fall asleep any moment XD
    *adds to long list of requests she still hasn't even touched*

    I hope I will have something happy happen in my life for once XD
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