• Snowy leaves Circhester and heads to Spikemuth. Watch here as his Rotom Bike learns to swim...somehow.
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  • Yay! OK is one of my favourites too <3 It's really adictive xDU But my favourite as I said you a few days ago is Spurt <33 It's pure awesomeness <33 And my favourite part is when Misty card (with a heart yay! xD) appears <333 I like Raibaru! (The second opening) so much too :3U
    And yes xDU That pokeballs stuff is totally awful :(! I don't like that hearts ,stars, bubbles or whatever girly thing appearing when the Pokemon is going away from the Pokeball :(! Contest were even more than sparks and hearts :(! They were a way to demostrate how cool and beautiful can be a Pokemon thanks to themselves and NOT thanks to sparks,hearts and beautiful dresses :(! I hope contests to be like they were in Hoenn if they continue in the anime =D.
    Well, the Liberal Democrats have received a lot of popularity and attention after the first debate. The problem though is the two other heads, with David Cameron in particular, will beginning attacking every single one of Nick Clegg's policies. The Conservatives know they will beat labour, but if Liberal Democrats become a threat...
    Hi Hestia!! =D

    Yeah xDU Poor Ash, 13 years trying to win a league and Dawn get to win GF in her first try xDU. In my opinion it's too irrealistic :/ Dawn is still almost a newbie and she doesn't deserve to win the festival, That would mean that she's the best coordinator in Sinnoh and she doesn't of course xD Zoey, Nando, Jessie and even Ursula are better than her :3 (And if her rivals would have been Drew, Harley and Solidad she would have finished totally killed xDU) Yuck that's too Mary Sue ending for her xDU But if it's the way of get ride of her, I'll acepted it totally glad xDU Ok no xDU Although she leaves after winning I don't like the idea :(! She doesn't deserves that cup :( For example May deserved it so much more than her :(! Her appeals and her battles are totally amazing :(! Writers should have done the cup to her and not to Dawn ;(!
    I know, right? ^_^ She's definitely got some amazing talent.

    And yeah, she did say she'd write a sequel, but to my knowledge she never did.
    Yes xDU. Dawn winning the festival it's really likely :(! I don't like so much the idea because it's her first try of win the GF :(! but It probably would finish with contests because the main coordinator would have already fulfilled her dream of winning the GF and they could make the new girl to do another Pokejob :3U (Pokecook!! xDUUU) I've already said that in anime forums xDU but I'm thinking in giving up to write posts there because everybody ignores me xD

    And yeah!!! <333 Japanese openings are totally amazing!!!! <333 I love all of them <3333 The English Pokemon openings are amazing but Japanese openings are even better <333 You should listen them =DDD. and yes <333 the original english opening are totally loveable <333 my favourite one is Orange Islads op :3 it's really cool *-*
    Yes, neither me :(! xDU I can't think in something as good as contests to replace them xDU. Contest were a REALLY good idea =D The only one thing that I think it's in Poketlhon xDU But maybe it isn't as interesting as contests :(! The new job could be a new kind of Pokesport, where you have make your pokemon participate in them xDU Or maybe pokecook contest or someting or yuck I don't know really :(! xDU

    And yeah!!! Saikou everyday is totally amazing!!! <33333 I couldn't stop listening it <333 But my most favourite opening is Spurt <3333 The BF opening in Japanese <333 Awww the music's just amazing!!! <333 And the pictures too, all the old Ash Pokemon appear in the opening (And Misty too!!! <3333) Furthermore, it was sung by Rika Matsumoto, Ash's seiyu and her voice is totally cool!!!! <333 She sung too the first 3 ops, an AG opening and High touch xDU I love her voice <333
    Reason why chemnistry between nowdays trio of Ash,Dawn and Brock seems how its lacking something is coming from Dawns character not having that kind of mix of hotheadness and sweetness which Mistys charcter had.Nevertheless from what i noticed there is barely any relationship between her and Brock.They seem more like strangers than frinds,whil with Misty and even May their friendship seemed stronger.
    Yep,as i said that kind of relationship we never had so having group of Ash and two girls,or all of that plus fourth male character would m,ake for a nice twist and something never seen before,lol.
    If i were you i wouldnt be worried about writers "screwing Misty".As we get to see in her cameos while she matured, her main traits are still there being funny,sarcastic,kind etc.Thats her base persona,and the only thing which could change is her growing up which specials already showed becoming more selfconfident.However anything else,which woul result turning her into someone else wont happen.
    Yay!! I want to see them now >-<!! xDU they seem to be really amazing!. And yes :3 I want a new opening too xDU I hope that producers use pictures from Saikou everyday to make the new opening =D The images are totally wonderful >w<!! It's one of the best openings ever!! I really like it :3! Specially the final screenshot when Ash adn all his Pokemon are in the league with Paul, Barry, Nando and Conway =D!!

    And agreed =D! May brought contest to the show, And contests with May was amazing (I don't like so much DP contest xDU. They too...decorated? xDU)And I hope the new girl to bring something new to the show =D I would like a new Pokejob ^___^! I'm always wanting more and more xDU
    No I haven't them yet xDU Are the eps about TG final arc right?? :3U I've been really busy with school stuff this week and I haven't had any time for anything :(! The last eps that I watched was the Lyra and Kouhry vs Dawn and Ash xDU But I hope that I will be able to watch them this weekend :)!

    And yes! An intelligent and serious girl would be amazing too!!! <333 I would be happy with whatever kind of personality but girly one xDU or even a tomboy one xDU There are a few tomboys in the anime too and Misty is the only one who can have a tomboy personality xDU (Ok maybe not, but I want Misty to be the only main tomboy in the series <333)I would be better that writers try something new o0o!! xDU The show needs fresh ideas xDU
    Yes!! xDU the same with me too xDUUU I want Misty to come back again of course :(! I miss her so much and I would be the happiest girl in the world if she cames back :)! But at same time I want to see the new girl in the anime xDU She seems to be really interesting, I really like her sporty look ^___^!! I think that I'm going to like her =DDD Ahg I want to see her now!!! xDU I'm really impatient for seeing how she will be xDU I also like a girl like Blue, She has a really interesting personality xDU I really like her bitchie personality <333 (Do you know another word less hurting for defining her?? xDU I only know that and I don't like saying badwords xDU)A girl like her half bad and half good would be amazing!!! ^___^ Everthing would be amazing but another girly personality xDU May was really cute and I really like her kind of girlyness <333 Dawn is too girly for my taste xDU But I don't want the new girl to be another girly girl like Dawn xDU
    Haha :D. And yay!!! me too!! xDU I'm really curious to know how the new girl will be xDU. We only have seen her little sprite and we only know that she's wearing a cap and her clothes are black but anything else xDU. I expect to see her soon xDU. Aghh I'm really impatient xDUU I hope her to be not a girly girl :(! I don't want more girly girls xDU I'm getting sick of them xDU I hope her to be a tomboy or at least to be a normal girl xDU But I don't wanna her to be like Misty :( Misty is unique and incomparable :(! xDU
    Yuck xDU...well, actually I don't like her so much :(! xDU I don't hate her but I don't like her anyway :(!. When DP started I liked her because I hated May when AG started because she was Misty replace, but I knew her better and now I LOVE her <3333 Awww she's really cute <333. And I don't want that it happened the same with Dawn, so I started to like her, but with her was totally the opposite, I knew her better and I disliked her personality, it's too girly and pink for my taste xDU I don't like girly and sugary characters :(! She's just a little dumb xDU I don't know how to express my disliking with the correct words... I just dislike her xDU And to be honest I will be happy when she leaves :). But although I don't like her I usually respect her xD and of course I always respect her fans :3. btw, sorry if you're a Dawn fan :(! I tried to like her, I swear xD but I couldn't :(. Do you like her? :3
    Totally agreed!!! =D. The manga is totally amazing!! <33 In my opinion it's better than anime :3 it's less childish and more..insignful could it be? =3. it treat very interesting points like for example Pokemon death (I was really surprised when I saw psyduck skulls xD)or the bad gym leaders conspiration. And yes!! Blue is totally cool <33 She's my second favourite character xD (As you can guess even in the manga Misty is my favourite character <3)She was a really interesting personality and her ideas are totally hillarious xD.

    And I'll finished the GSC Saga and the completed manga this Summer! =D I want to know where the heck was Red, and Silver story seems really interesting, And I want to see Misty again <333 And more of Mangapokeshipping <3
    And I also want to know Sapphire and Ruby =D! I know that Sapphire is a wild girl and Ruby is Norman's son (Or he was Professor Brich's son? xD) I don't know anything about DPP Sga, but I'd like it :3 I'll read all of them this Summer =D
    Yes! I've read some chapters :3! But I haven't finished it completly xDU I've read, Red, Blue and Green Saga, Yellow Saga, and half of Gold Silver Saga :3. I started to read the manga at the end of the Summer and when I had to come back to school I had to stop to read it :(! I want to finish GSC Saga and start with RS one, They said that it's really interesting :3 Have you read the manga completed? :3

    And yes! Aishiteruze baby has a really sad moments :(! But they are beautiful anyway <3 My favourite story was Shota's <333 Aw I love that little boy <3333 I wanted him to be Yuzu's boyfriend at the end :(! xDU But it didn't happen xD
    Oh hell yes!! <333 I've already seen it <333 I saw it a few weeks ago :3 xDU I totally loved it <333It's pure cuteness <3333 Yuzu is just adorable <333 I love her <333 and Kippei is totally awesome <333 The anime is a little bit sad (I cried a lot with Shota-kun story and with Yuzu's cousin's one too ;___;!!!) but it's awesome anyway <333 But I would like that Yuzu had came back with her mom again :(! xDU The end was really beautiful but a little bit incomplete <3333 Kokoro and Kippei got together at the end (LL) but Yuzu's mom didn't come back :(! xDU

    And yes! xDU Lovely Complex is totally hillarious :3 one of my favourite animes <3
    Haha :D Of course that I will ^__^

    -Itazura na kiss <33 at first it seems to be the typical shojo story with dumb girl and serious boy :3U But in the middle the story becomes really original and beautiful <33
    -Toradora!. Awww just amazing!! one of the best shojos ever!! <333
    -Lovely complex <3 It's about and a really tall girl and a really short boy and their cute and really really funny love story <333
    -Karin, If you like vampires, fun and cuteness this is your shojo <333
    -UFO baby, that's a little childish, but I couldn't stop to watching it <3! (Lol I was awake until 3 AM to watch the end xDDD) It's totally cute <33
    -Zero no tsukaima. It has a little bit of ecchi :(! But it's really really funny and really romantic <3

    That are my favourite series <33 In my opinion all of them are totally amazing! have you watched some of them? :3U You can suggest me too some animes that you know please? :3 I'm looking for another cute shojo <333 they're really hard to find :(!
    And yes! <3 You should watch Kimi ni todoke <333 in my opinion is the cutest anime I've ever watched!! <333 I hope I can tell you the argument correctly xDU. It's about a girl with gloomy appearance called Sawako and everybody have fair of her because she looks like a ghost and there are rumors about, but actually she is the cutest and the most kindhearted girl ever!! <33 And the most popular and cheerful guy in the school, Kazehaya wants help her to make friends, and then he becames in her friend the first and helps her to get friend and make her show how kindhearted she is actually <333 and of course there will be a love story between them xDU The show isn't finished yet but it's really cute <3333 In my opinion is the cutest anime ever!!! <3333 I read the manga too because it's more avanzated than the show xDU I can't wait to read the next chapter xDDDD

    I hope that you understand the argument xDU I'm really bad explaning show arguments even in Spanish xDUUUUU
    Yes!! abrupt! xDU I can't found the word to describe the Fruit Basket ending xDUUU. My friend told me that the end in the manga was awesome xD but I'm too lazy to read a long manga in the pc xDU I don't like reading in the pc xDU But I think that I'll watch the anime in summer =D I'll got a lot of free time (Yay!! Summer summer!! xDU) and I'll watch it for sure and when I finish to watch it I'll read the lastest chapters of the manga to know the real end xDU

    I'm going to continue in other message xDU The forum tell me that my message is too long xDU
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