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  • Yeah!! I've seen a few eps of Fruit Basket xDU But I stopped to watch it because a friend told me that the end of the anime was totally awful xDU I don't like animes with bad endings xDU. But maybe in summer I could continue watching it :3 It was hillarious xDUU. I've got a lot of favourites animes xD I can't decide my favourite yet xDU. But my favourite kind of anime are cute and funny shojos <333 At the moment, I`m totally obsessed with Kimi ni todoke <3333 Do you know it? :3 It's really beautiful <33
    And I watched Sailor moon too a few years ago when I was little :3 It was cute but I can't remember it well xDU
    Yeah you're very lucky =D French and English and the most important languages at least en Europe =D, If you can speak both you can travel to everywhere without any problems ^__^ And can speak one language since you're a baby as you can it's so much better that learn it =D
    And I would like to learn Japanese too :3 I just know some words, a little little little little bit of grammar and anything else. Japanese is really usefull when you watch anime xD Do you like anime? =3
    Hi again =D!
    and yes xDU we should be watching Pokemon at school to learn more languages, I would learn more if I could watch Pokemon in English classes xDU. When you like something you can learn faster from it xDU
    By the way, have you ever studied Spanish?? o0o!
    Mmm I've studied English since I was eight, at school xDU But a few years ago my English really sucked xDU Even more than now xDU.Two years ago I started to learn more english reading bulbapedia, watching anime subbed in English and watching cartoons in English...etc xDU and then I realized that School wasn't the best place to learn English xDU. I'm studing French too, mais je suis tellement horrible en Français xDUU
    Oh that's amazing! >w<!! I would like to be half Spanish half...nomatterwhat xDU I really like foreigner cultures and languages :3
    And it's true English dub it's the best after Japanese one of course <3. I've watch some eps in English because I like them more than in Spanish, but I understand only like a 70% of dialogues xD. I understand almost perfectly written English but not spoken English xD But anyway english voice actors are the bestest =D Spanish voice actors suck xD, Except Ash's one and Brock's one they're cool xD
    Yes! Pokemon first seasons are the best :(! I miss them so much, I though before rewatch the show again that I found them funnier because I was a kid when I watched them, but when two years ago I could download Pokemon eps I started to rewatch the first series as you did too :3 (In Spain any channel broadcasted the older series because they was broadcasting the new seasons, I had to download the eps to watch Misty again ;__; xD)and then I noticied that the first series have been, are and will be the best and funniest Pokemon series ever!! <33 I continue watching the show and I think that I'll watch it until the end but I will always prefer the old series (specially the first two <333). Damn I miss Misty so much ;__; xD

    And you're French?! o0o!! I didn't know it xD Your English it's totally perfect *-* I envy youuuu ;___; xDUU
    I've loved it since I was a kid too <3 I became in a Pokemon fan watching the anime, I remember it perfectly, It was in a weekend morning I was 6 I think, I turn on the tv and I watched Pokemon for first time, (A digglet chapter of the first season xD) at first I said "What a strange show" but anyway I continued to watching it and finally I loved it <33 (and I'm still doing it xD). I countiued watching it currently (except the 6th season, I didn't watched it because of misty left)until now :3. Misty has been my favourite character since the first moment <3. When I was eight I bought my first game (Pokemon yellow xD) and I became in a Pokemon games fan =D. And when I was nine I noticed that Misty was in love with Ash and I became in a Pokeshipper too <3 xDU. That's all my boring Pokemon history xDU. Pokemon is really important for me :3 Thanks to it I knew my lovely boyfriend and I'm totally in love with him *o*!!!! n///////n(L)
    OMG seriuosly!! *-* Thanks Hestia!!! ^__^ I'm really really glad that you think that of my posts *---* I always try to do my best for writing my posts, I say just my thoughts =D I'm really happy about you like them =D And about you understand them too xDU It's really difficult to write exactly the things that I wanna say ;_; xD You're lucky knowing English xD Thanks for everything Hestia =DD You're awesome ^___^ I hope that we could be good friends =D

    PS: I hope that the message had reached you xDU I don't know very well how this message stuff work xDU
    Ha I know, he Is lovely, he seems quite shy in interviews and stuff. He doesn't get around as much as Noel.

    You should totally watch the IT Crowd. It's hilarious. Noel plays a goth/vampire called Richmond.
    I know, that's true. I love Buzzcocks, even more so now that Noel Is the team captain. He's also brilliant in the IT Crowd.
    Well, I don't live in very lively place either really. My actually quite glad to be able to say that though.

    Oh and thanks., it's the coolest pic I could find. Noel Fielding <3
    Ah right. Sounds like you live an exciting lifestyle. I've only ever been to France, and Amsterdam myself. Really want to go to America in the summer though.
    εїз▬▬▬▬▬▬×.ωєℓ¢σмє.×▬▬▬▬▬▬εїз to the forums enjoy your stay and i just luv your avatar!
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