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  • Indeed. I've been enjoying Season 2 a lot so far. It looks like it'll follow Season 1's structure of having a few slice of life episodes early on with some story arc elements here and there, then the 2nd half of the season will probably dive into the more of the series' story arc.
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    Galar Adventurer
    Galar Adventurer
    Anywho, Milo Murphy's Law returns January 2019 and has moved to Disney Channel. In the Season 2 premiere, Milo, Zack and Melissa join forces with Phineas and Ferb and their friends to save Danville and the world from being taken over by the Pistachions.

    Here's the first clip of the crossover.
    All right I didnt really feel the mood honestly but since I do like you and do like talking to you, I started catching up on Vrains. I'm up to episode 55 now. I mean I do at least like the second opening theme and Soulburner.
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    That's still really nice of you to say and do that. We can find other things to talk about if you really don't want to keep up with Vrains, so that is an option. The first ending theme was pretty solid and I missed it for awhile too. The second ending theme just made me instantly think "Wow, if only I liked the show even half as much as I like this song," so I think I'd give that theme a bit of an edge for that reason.

    I'm just used to calling the characters by their actual names instead of their alter egos. I rarely refer to Yusaku as Playmaker since I honestly don't see much of a difference between them. There is a bit more differences between Takeru and Soulburner, but I think that's mainly because he does keep a low profile around other people. His Skill isn't nearly as broken as Yusaku's since he is limited to the cards in his deck. Yusaku can just get any random Link monster that always ends up being the right one he needs. It's basically a flashy fiery Destiny Draw. It does have a similar problem in that Takeru seemingly can't win a duel without relying on his Skill mechanic, so I basically know how he'll win the match. It still isn't as bad as Storm Access, but I'm already getting kind of bored with it. It probably doesn't help that I don't like his deck that much either. I was hoping that I would, but it isn't particularly interesting to me design wise or strategy wise.

    I'm not sure how he fits the description that Yuya wanted to put into duels, but he does want to have fun duels at least. He's a better fit for the Entertainment Dueling style than Onizuka is at this point. It says a lot that despite the questionable to bad writing behind Onizuka's decision to become a bounty hunter, I still say he's one of the few interesting characters in the series. There is one episode that did have a lighter tone and it wasn't a recap episode this time around, but unfortunately, it was more stupid than funny.
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    Hey its really no trouble for me at all. Like I said I like you, and since I've been a fan of the franchise I really dont mind that much keeping up on it. The only other thing I'm passionate about is Dragon Ball and I'm not making you watch like 600 episodes and 15 movies so we can talk about that. But you are welcome, of course, I mean you really do deserve nothing but kindness so it's natural I'd say nice things about you.

    Yeah I still miss the first ending because to me anyway the third ending feels kinda lacking. You're right though if only the show could be as good as the themes there.

    And I think the main reason I opt to call him Soulburner more too is because, from where I've seen anyways (only got through 57 now so far) he spends most of his time there, as opposed to Yusaku who we did frequently outside of there. I think I also like his skill too because there is one like that in Duel Links. For Joey/Jou you can drop your life points to 100, discard 2 cards then roll a dice and draw the number of cards you roll so I think seeing that makes me think of there being some crossing ideas. And yeah I will say I'm pretty bored of his deck. It's not like a normal side character deck where we normally see various cards and strategies. With him it's the same cards every duel and only one new card roughly each duel. I will say at least one thing I like is they've branched out from using just Links and have included Ritual and Fusion. Truth be told that was an issue I had with 5Ds and Zexal, while both did include fusion a time or two they never branched out enough from the main summon type.

    Well yeah I mean it as he isn't using his duels as a means for revenge or something like that. Rather despite having to duel Aoi and such he actually did want to duel her (and Go) because he looked up to them, and despite sorta needing to beat them he did enjoy the duel either way. I looked at it similar to how Yuya still dueled the way he would against anyone he knew well during his time in the Xyz dimension. But yeah Onizuka was an interesting character and now he just feels like a less interesting Kaiba, with how Kaiba felt he had to beat Atem to further himself, the only difference is Kaiba was always himself and never tried to change himself unlike Onizuka feeling like no one actually likes him and so he had to beat Yusaku to gain respect again so he stopped entertaining. I'll say I've been laughing how in season 2 so far there hasn't been any recap episodes but rather they just show flashbacks that occurred offscreen that we wouldn't see otherwise.
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    I still really appreciate that. I don't know if I'd watch Dragon Ball series outside of Toonami, but I have seen all of DBZ Kai and a decent chuck of Super. The third ending theme does feel lacking compared to the others. It's okay and I prefer it over the current opening, but it doesn't have the same kind of kick to it as the other ending themes do.

    Ah, that makes sense. We saw Yusaku pretty evenly in and out of Link Vrains, but we haven't for Takeru. Takeru's Skill is much more along the lines of how Skills work in Duel Links, which ties into how it isn't nearly as broken. I'd probably would be fine with it if they didn't overuse it like they do with Yusaku's Storm Access. Considering that Speed Duels are the main way duels are fought in this series, knowing generally how the main characters are going to win still eliminates any sense of tension there could be. Granted, their Ignis always being on the line doesn't help either since that guarantees that they aren't going to lose anytime soon too, but I still don't have to wonder how they'll make a comeback in the vast majority of their duels. Seeing him use the same cards all the time doesn't help either, but the designs are just unappealing. Although, I could say that about most of the decks in this series. The Trickstars achetype is one of the few interesting decks in this series and I borderline hate Aoi at this point.

    I actually forgot about how they finally included other summoning methods. That made me way too happy at first because I was so sure that they would follow the 5D's/Zexal method of overusing the new shiny summoning method while ignoring that other ones exist. It only took them the first year to finally do something other than Link summons. It still doesn't make up for how overplayed Link monsters are in this series, but it's a start.

    Oh, that makes sense too. I can see that comparison with Yuya's duels in the Xyz dimension. Takeru did want to have a fun duel against Onizuka despite being enemies and he was happy to duel against Aoi as well. Onizuka reminds me a bit more of Manjoume than Kaiba probably due to how Kaiba didn't try to change himself like you mentioned. His motivation would hold a bit more weight if he actually did anything against the Knights of Hanoi, but he didn't. I absolutely hate how Aoi and Onizuka are labeled as heroes who saved Link Vrains when all they did was lose to hype up Yusaku's next opponents. He would still be shallow and selfish even if he actually did something during the first season, but at least his desire to want attention would be a bit more reasonable. Plus, it seems like a big contradiction to how he first reacted to his loss against Yusaku. He was actually able to laugh after he lost, implying that it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, but now being so behind Yusaku made Onizuka give up his Entertainer persona in favor of being a bounty hunter and said how defeat shows the real you after he lost to Takeru. The writing is just really questionable, but at least Takeru called him out for being so selfish.

    What do you think of Aoi for this season? I still think that the best way to describe her is Rio 2.0 They want to make her cute with her avatars and create the illusion that she's a strong duelist, but she ultimately serves little purpose beyond being fodder or motivation fuel. And I think her whole "wanting to help everyone" bit felt too hollow. I think it's a combination of still coming off as a bit "show, don't tell" and just not having enough faith in the writers to actually do something with her character to make her sudden determination to help everyone mean anything in the long run.
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    Hey it's cool, no need for any of that, I mean we've never talked on a more personal level, just a Yu-Gi-Oh! level so it's all good. So it's still that mediocre huh? Well I still gotta find the time to catch up so you can vent about it and I'll understand what you mean.
    Unfortunately no. I'm working over 40 hours a week 8-4:30. By the time I get home I'm very unmotivated (as you can tell based on my long reply time haha) and on my day off I have a bunch of other stuff I gotta get done. I'm trying to find time but it ain't easy to motivate myself since I didnt really care for the series in the first place
    Yeah I have a pretty photographic memory so after being on your profile often enough it was easy to remember. And thanks!
    Agreed. I'm interested in seeing the continuation of Varian's storyline, and seeing where the rest of the series goes. I am slightly concerned with Eugene's ex-girfriend showing up though. I hope they don't put Rapunzel and Eugene through a "strained romantic relationship" arc unless it's executed well.

    But aside from that, I'm looking forward to Season 2 and Season 3 for sure.
    According to its fanbase, several merchandise items seem to indicate
    that Season 2 is aiming for a early Summer 2018 release (June/July) so we'll see.

    Yep. Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh said in an interview recently that they didn't wanna go with the usual,
    "random crossover" approach, and decided to build up to it and make a story arc. The
    hard part for them was coming up with the said story arc's plot.
    I think I'm going to attempt to give Vrains one more try when this new arc starts. I have my expectations set low, but what with Dragon Ball Super having finished I feel like I need something weekly (at least to hold me over until Dragon Ball comes back)
    I see. My favorite Lillie episode was the one where she regains all of her memories
    Oh, cool. Yeah, they're great. As well as Tangled: The Series.
    "Ready As I'll Ever Be" from the season finale is my favorite song from Season 1. xD

    On MML, (minor spoiler) but from the episode Missing Milo, onward, a story arc begins that will lead into a 1 hour crossover with Phineas and Ferb serving as Season 2's premiere.
    Dan Povenmire said recently that Season 2 is still set to air this year.
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