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  • Hey, hey...don't spoil my misplaced hype about BW2, and wanting to see Ash win the league. Have some faith!! Though more than likely you're right, and this is all a bunch of noise that won't amount to anything significant. :p
    No problem, I was just surprised you weren't on my list considering we've talked about our issues with the series through VM's.

    I don't know what to expect in the upcoming episodes, there's alot to potentially be hyped about. But I'll probably just end up being disappointed as always.

    I've always liked the Sunglasses Sandile(when he first appeared)/Krokorok, and I'm glad he's actually getting okay screen-time.
    No problem. I wish you well on your project for your English class.

    I certainly am doing well. I just got home from a theater.
    I see, yeah its hard to find raw version so most of time i have to rely on dub as well. Granted on internet you can still find it, but with new laws like ACTA, SOPA etc it seems how freedom of internet is going to drastically change with restrictions becoming rigorous.

    Whats your opinion about this?
    Oh no problem :D I'm doing fine thank you, and also thanks for accepting the request :)
    We have a livestream playing Pokemon if you want to watch, there you can meet Ryan if you want to say hi to him, ask him questions and stuff. Save Our Voice Actors - live streaming video powered by Livestream
    I told you SOVA's second attempt was to get Misty back. Check that new SOVA thread posted or my blog if you missed it.
    Lol, I think I've lost interest in debating about Iris'. Can't bring myself to do any wall-o-text post anymore.
    Sure thing. We seem to share a lot of similar opinions on many things, and we give each other likes, so I thought we would be great friends. I'm doing well myself; I hope you are the same.

    Happy friendship.
    I have no idea what they are going to even do with Iris anymore when the eight gym comes. This series has been all over the place and is very unpredictable. Hopefully, something good comes out of all of this Iris stuff crammed into one. I hope we don't end up getting screwed in the butt when the day comes.
    Yeah, to be honest...I don't even know why they made Iris/Ash in the finals. I mean the writers obviously didn't do it for shits a giggles. Why create an entire tournament just to get Ash, and Iris to battle...when it can be done simply if they take a short break while traveling to the next town? Ash desperately needs his rivalry with Trip to go somewhere, and yet Trip was defeated in the first round. The tournament ultimately made Iris feel more like a rival than Trip.
    I just can't really see why Ash was "allowed" to beat Cilan, and not Iris. Of course, he was at more of a disadvantage against Iris, so the writers didn't even try to hide the fact they wanted her to win. Given how ecstatic Iris was, plus all the victory music..made it seem like Iris just accomplished something huge. I'm sure they had their reasons, but right now I'm kinda at a loss. After all, Ash is the MC...not Iris. :/
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