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  • Lol, I think I've lost interest in debating about Iris'. Can't bring myself to do any wall-o-text post anymore.
    Sure thing. We seem to share a lot of similar opinions on many things, and we give each other likes, so I thought we would be great friends. I'm doing well myself; I hope you are the same.

    Happy friendship.
    I have no idea what they are going to even do with Iris anymore when the eight gym comes. This series has been all over the place and is very unpredictable. Hopefully, something good comes out of all of this Iris stuff crammed into one. I hope we don't end up getting screwed in the butt when the day comes.
    Yeah, to be honest...I don't even know why they made Iris/Ash in the finals. I mean the writers obviously didn't do it for shits a giggles. Why create an entire tournament just to get Ash, and Iris to battle...when it can be done simply if they take a short break while traveling to the next town? Ash desperately needs his rivalry with Trip to go somewhere, and yet Trip was defeated in the first round. The tournament ultimately made Iris feel more like a rival than Trip.
    I just can't really see why Ash was "allowed" to beat Cilan, and not Iris. Of course, he was at more of a disadvantage against Iris, so the writers didn't even try to hide the fact they wanted her to win. Given how ecstatic Iris was, plus all the victory music..made it seem like Iris just accomplished something huge. I'm sure they had their reasons, but right now I'm kinda at a loss. After all, Ash is the MC...not Iris. :/
    Y'know I gotta wonder if the writers are doing what they are with Iris, soley because of her status in the White. I mean, I really can't think of any other logical reason. :\
    Interesting, I've actually heard many people from SOVA are gathering due to the lack of older character, I've heard many people are just trying to get Veronica Taylor back. I don't dislike Sarah, but I do wonder how she thinks of this whole situation, I mean she's been voicing Ash for about 5 or 6 years now she may be attached to him and it makes me wonder if she would even want to leave the role. I do know she has a Youtube though.

    I'm also a bit curious about your plans for RS remakes and the third version, I can understand if you don't wanna release your secrets though xD
    No prob. :p I guess I should correct myself, technically "IV Training" isn't IV training, it's "IV Breeding". XD
    I know what you mean,after seeing eight movie and how Lucario sacrificed his life to save Ash and join Aaron in afterlife i started to like him even more.I think that movie perfectly captured concept of friendship value and how relationship between pokemon and human shouldnt be based on one being master and the other servant.

    Yep Entei is my favorite pokemon.I know weird considering how water is my favorite type,with fire and dragon sharing second place.I started to like him(even though it was just illusion) after seeing third movie and Spell of Unknown being impressed by his courage and willingness to sacrifice himself to protect Molly and others.
    H has solid stats in games too and good design being also on of reasons why i like him.
    I hope your not angry at me or anything about Ash debate.I respects your views on it and i shouldnt have drag out on it for so long.Sometimes i write too much,sorry about that.
    Feeling is mutual though perhaps it would be best to stop discussing other anime like Yugioh,contests and such in that thread since we are starting to get off topic with mods already warning about it.
    Your probably asking yourself why i sent you request but i have to say im really enjoying discussing things with you starting to find out that we have more things in common than i thought initially.So i thought why not.
    You shouldn't be scared to post in the anime sections of Janime. Golfkid is a tad nervious, but you shouldn't be. Post reviews to the dub episodes, it needs some needed discussion.
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