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Hidden Mew
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  • No prob. :p I guess I should correct myself, technically "IV Training" isn't IV training, it's "IV Breeding". XD
    I know what you mean,after seeing eight movie and how Lucario sacrificed his life to save Ash and join Aaron in afterlife i started to like him even more.I think that movie perfectly captured concept of friendship value and how relationship between pokemon and human shouldnt be based on one being master and the other servant.

    Yep Entei is my favorite pokemon.I know weird considering how water is my favorite type,with fire and dragon sharing second place.I started to like him(even though it was just illusion) after seeing third movie and Spell of Unknown being impressed by his courage and willingness to sacrifice himself to protect Molly and others.
    H has solid stats in games too and good design being also on of reasons why i like him.
    I hope your not angry at me or anything about Ash debate.I respects your views on it and i shouldnt have drag out on it for so long.Sometimes i write too much,sorry about that.
    Feeling is mutual though perhaps it would be best to stop discussing other anime like Yugioh,contests and such in that thread since we are starting to get off topic with mods already warning about it.
    Your probably asking yourself why i sent you request but i have to say im really enjoying discussing things with you starting to find out that we have more things in common than i thought initially.So i thought why not.
    You shouldn't be scared to post in the anime sections of Janime. Golfkid is a tad nervious, but you shouldn't be. Post reviews to the dub episodes, it needs some needed discussion.
    Obviously you can understand why fans are a bit disapointed at that last part.

    While you don't seem to like Leo that much, most of the general fans do, so that is why we are waiting for 142 where he duels Jack (mind you after not dueling for nearly 70 episodes). Also, in Japan the twins are quite popular, being used for all of the DS Arc as part of the introduction where they showcase the card of the week.
    Oh, they made Crow have a bigger role to make the Blackwing archtype of monsters more marketable since they foresaw them being good cards in the game. As it turned out, they turned meta and won YCS pretty quickly.

    A ton of things in 5Ds took place for this reason. Making money was more important sometimes. It will become more prevailent when Yusei takes on the three Aesir Lords at once.
    The speculation is he was the signer in a different time line, one Yliaster didn't interfere with. Yeah, his dub liens early dub could be part of that, along with his annoying voice. At least the new voice isn't annoying, the general fan base, even dub haters, can agree on that.

    Executive Meddling to make BW more popular. And to give Yusei a Jo.
    The common idea (from staff blogs) is they changed his character to make Blackwing Cards more show worthy. In effect, he is the reason the Yellow Dragon in Luna's vision is not mentioned of, and the dragon card, named Black-Winged Dragon (not an actual Blackwing) is given signer dragon status as well. Now, there has been the idea that in episode 142 Leo will get the Yellow Dragon, but that isn't for a good 3 weeks.

    5Ds is ridden with Executive Meddling.
    Hey Hidden Mew. I hope you like 5Ds. I have heard from Golfkid that you don't seem to like the villains though. Well, that is most likely due to all the filler in the way of their development. They don't become fully developed until episode 134. Yet, there is still a ton more to come, but the filler of Crashtown is getting in the way of the Duel Bot army that is supposed to be on the run. I don't know if you knew this, but after that episode there is supposed to be a reaction, but it doesn't come for another 8 episodes due to filler. One filler in particular is seen as exuctive meddling to give Crow a dragon, when Leo might have been supposed to have the yellow dragon instead.

    Did you know Crow was supposed to be a minor character who was a thief? Sorta like a Bolt Tanner post FOrtune Cup. He would have been gone in a few episodes.
    Hey Hidden Mew. Would you happen to have a link to the appeal process for Toonzone, I can't seem to get to it due to being banned. I feel I was un rightfully banned, and would like to appeal. I just need a link to the process, or some explanation, as well as Jave's email address.
    I always wondered if this was you there after reading your posts just like KPTitan (trust me, she figured it was you which is why she asked).
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