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  • lol, no probs dude. Gligar's cool. If you have any questions about anything you can PM or VM me (or Felly, like she said in her post).
    Hey bud! It might do you some good to poke around and make sure you have a handle on the Site Rules for the Bulbagarden Forums, as well as the URPG rules, for the URPG.

    Some guys in the chat mentioned you having made a double-post in Starter Requests, remarking on how that was against Bulbagarden Rules.... There's some odd ones like that, so you can get into some trouble if you're not careful.

    Go ahead and look over the rules, and ask me if you have questions-- also, for URPG specifically, there's an AIM chat that will probably have people around to answer your questions more quickly.
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